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Advisory and Community Committees

Council is also involved in a number of other advisory and community committees, those being are detailed below.

Advisory Committees

These Committees deal with the management of specialist issues under their jurisdiction.
Management Committees report to Council and consist of Elected Members as well as community representation.

Advisory Committees established include:

  • Local Emergency Management Committee
  • Local Traffic Committee
  • Conduct Review Committee


Section 355 Committees

Section 355 Committees are formed under this Section of the Local Government Act to ‘care, control and manage appropriate functions’. These Committees operate under authorities delegated by Council and report annually to Council. Section 355 Committees consist of Elected Members and community representatives.

Current Section 355 Committees include:

  • Great Inland Fishing Festival Committee
  • Sapphire City Festival Committee
  • Inverell Sports Council
  • Delungra District Development Council
  • Friends of the Library
  • Inverell Liquor Consultative Committee
  • Equestrian Council
  • Oakwood Recreation Area Committee



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