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Inverell Shire’s Road Map for the Future

Inverell Shire Council’s planned future direction is divided into three (3) separate documents, each interdependent. These documents provide information on the direction Council is going to take, the actions to progress towards the direction and how the Council is going to measure the level of achievement.

  • The first of these documents is the Community Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan provides information on the aspirational goals (defined ‘Destinations‘) for the Community, including the organisation’s Mission and the Purpose.
  • The Delivery Plan is a four (4) year plan outlining the “Term Achievements” which align directly to the Destinations defined in the Strategic Plan. This document provides greater detail on the strategies to be used to achieve progress towards the Destinations. Term Achievements are the framework used in the construction of the Operational Plan.
  • The final document being Council’s Operational Plan, defines “Operational Objectives” and activities undertaken by Council and the officers responsible. The document includes information on Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and measurable expected outcomes. The KPI’s and activities contained in the Operational Plan are to fulfill the Operational Objectives that support the Term Achievements and therefore assist in making progress towards the Destinations contained in the Strategic Plan.

The Resource Strategy outlines Council’s capacity to manage assets and deliver services that support the Strategic Plan, Delivery Plan and Operational Plan. The Resource Strategy includes three (3) key elements – a Workforce Management Plan, an Asset Management Plan, and a Long Term Financial Plan.

This format allows for easy understanding of the links and processes between the various activities and their relationship to the overall Destinations for the Community to achieve. Throughout the documents, the colour association with the relevant Destination has been used to provide for easy use and understanding of the activities listed along with highlighting the Destination the Term Achievements and Operational Objectives is aligned to.

Strategic Plan – further information

The Community Strategic Plan was developed by Inverell Shire Council to articulate its community’s aspirations. As this plan embraces the aspirations for the Shire’s diverse communities, this plan is for everyone.

In preparing the Strategic Plan, Council utilised a variety of methods to ascertain the aspirations of the Shire’s residents – community meetings, surveys and small focus group meetings.

The delivery of the aspirations articulated in this plan relies on the collaborative and committed effort between government, business and the community. The need for a collaborative and committed effort resulted in the Council adopting as its Mission:

To work with the community in providing and facilitating the provision of services that enhance the quality of life of all Shire residents.

Aspirations Wheel

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