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Building and Development

Inverell Shire Council can assist you with all your planning matters, whether it be general advice or helping to submit a planning application. All the information you need can be found within the Building and Development section of this website or you can contact the Civil & Environment Department anytime during business hours on (02) 6728 8200.

Advertised Development Applications

As per Council Policy and Legislation, certain types of Development Applications (DA’s) require public exhibition in the Inverell Times and on the Council’s website.

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Application Tracking

Application Tracking is a tool to track the progress of development applications, construction certificates or complying development certificates, lodged since 1 January 2004.

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In NSW, all asbestos sheeting or asbestos waste must be taken to a landfill that can lawfully receive the waste. Transporters of asbestos waste must now use WasteLocate to provide..

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Application Forms

Please refer below for the various building and development related forms within the Inverell Local Government area to assist with developments..

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Facts Sheets

This page provides fact sheets to help you better understand building and development matters in the Inverell Local Government area.

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This page provides policies to help you better understand building and development matters in the Inverell Local Government area.

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Buying or Selling a Property

There are a number of different types of certificates that you may require from Council when buying or selling a property. This information is provided as a guide..

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Complying Development

Complying Development is a quick, simple alternative to the Development Application (DA) process. Under the DA process, each application is subject to..

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Construction Certificate

A Construction Certificate is required in addition to a Development Application for any development involving building or subdivision works. Such applications may..

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Development Applications

A Development Application (DA) is a formal application to Council for carrying out various types of ‘development’ as defined by NSW Planning Legislation and Local..

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Development Control Plan

The Inverell Development Control Plan (DCP), prepared in accordance with Section 74C of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, is aimed towards..

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Development Services Staff

Whether you’re a builder, homeowner, a real-estate agent, solicitor, business owner or industry professional, the Development Services team can assist you in all aspects of building and development..

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Exempt Development

Some development of a minor nature is ‘exempt development’ and therefore no application is required. The details of the types of development that are exempt are found..

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History and Heritage

The town had its beginnings when Colin and Rosana Ross arrived in August 1853, to start a store for the settlers who had moved into the district during 1839-40. Ross Hill..

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Local Environmental Plan

The current version of the gazetted Inverell Local Environmental Plan 2012 and maps can be found on this page..

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Modification of Consents

Section 96 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 provides for modifications to development consents where it is demonstrated that the modification is substantially..

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NSW Planning Viewer

The Planning Viewer provides public access to the map layers for certain planning maps incorporated by reference in environmental planning instruments made under the Environmental..

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Other Building and Development Information

Below are a number of links to relevant websites which may assist in the building, development, subdivision process or the installation of a swimming pool..

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Preliminary Development Advice

Council has a strong commitment to assisting applicants in the preparation of Development Applications by taking an active role in the pre-application process.  Council Planning staff can be..

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Public Open Space Strategy

In acknowledging the value that parks and reserves contribute to a positive lifestyle for its current and future residents, Inverell Shire Council has resolved to prepare a Public Open Space Strategy. The Inverell Public Open Space..

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Register of Variations to Development Standards

Council’s are required to keep a record of all Development Applications approved under ‘Delegated Authority’ from the 1 April 2008, where the provisions of State Environmental Planning Policy Number..

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S375A Record of Voting on Planning Matters

Under section 375(A) of the Local Government Act 1993, a Division is required to be called whenever a motion for a planning decision is put at a meeting of the Council or a Council..

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Section 68 Approvals

Section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993 requires that a person obtain Council approval for a variety of works. A list of the most common approvals sought from Council is provided below: Install a manufactured home, moveable dwelling..

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Subdivision Certificates

A Subdivision Certificate is required for Council’s endorsement of a subdivision plan prior to registration with the Department of Lands. A Subdivision Certificate should only be submitted after a developer..

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Swimming Pool Legislation

Swimming pools are a fantastic way to enjoy your days in our hot summer months. However, as many people are aware, pools can be dangerous, particularly to young..

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Wind Farms

Council has recognised the need for, and growing local interest in, alternative and renewable energy sources. Energy generated from wind farms and small wind turbines is one..

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