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Under the provisions of section 12 of the Local Government Act, 1993 Council makes accessible for viewing, at free of charge, certain documents to the Public. Members of the public are able to request an inspection of any of the documents listed under section 12(1) of the Act by enquiring at the Reception Counter at Council’s Administration building. Many of the available publications are also included below in electronic copy for your convenience.

Council must allow inspection of these documents unless, in the case of a particular document, it is satisfied that allowing inspection of the document would, on balance, be contrary to the public interest. Further, documents are withdrawn from public access should the document deal with any of the following:

  1. personnel matters concerning particular individuals (other than Councillors),
  2. the personal hardship of any resident or ratepayer,
  3. trade secrets,
  4. a matter the disclosure of which would: that part of a draft or adopted plan of management that is the subject of a resolution of confidentiality under section 36DA.
    1. (i) constitute an offence against an Act, or
    2. (ii) found an action for breach of confidence,

Council takes its responsibilities under Privacy Legislation seriously and is permitted to refrain from allowing access to those documents that are contrary to the provisions of the Privacy and Personal Information Act, 1998 as stipulated in part d (i) above.

Annual Reports
2014/2015 Inverell Shire Council Annual Report[2.81Mb]
2015/2016 Inverell Shire Council Annual Report[4.07Mb]
2016/2017 Inverell Shire Council Annual Report[4Mb]
2017/2018 Inverell Shire Council Annual Report[3Mb]

Asset Management Plans
2010/2020 Inverell Shire Council Asset Management Plan[1.21Mb]
2017-2026 Inverell Shire Council Road Asset Management Plan[832Kb]
2017-2026 Inverell Shire Council Path Asset Management Plan[1.14Mb]
2017-2026 Inverell Shire Council Drainage Asset Management Plan[792Kb]

Community Plans and Policies
2009/2029 Inverell Shire Council Community Strategic Plan[5.19Mb]
Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan[1.16Mb]
Inverell Shire Council Community Safety Camera Program – Code of Practice[186Kb]
Inverell Shire Council Community Safety Camera Program – Protocols[471Kb]
Inverell Shire Council Crime Prevention Plan[2Mb]
Public Open Space Strategy[7Mb]

Councillors Expenses and Facilities Policy
Councillors Expenses and Facilities Policy[343Kb]

Delivery Plan
2016/2020 Four Year Long Term Delivery Plan[1.66Mb]
2017/2021 Inverell Shire Council Delivery Plan[3Mb]

Financial Statements
2015/2016 Inverell Shire Council Financial Report[4 Mb]
Inverell Shire Council Audit Report 2016[234 Kb]
2016/2017 Inverell Shire Council Financial Report[4 Mb]
2017/2018 Inverell Shire Council Financial Report[8 Mb]

Long-Term Financial Plan
2016 – 2026 Inverell Shire Council Long-Term Financial Plan[4Mb]
2017 – 2027 Inverell Shire Council Long-Term Financial Plan[3Mb]
2018-2028 Inverell Shire Council Long-Term Financial Plan[4Mb]

Operational Plan
2016/2017 Inverell Shire Council Operational Plan & Budget[4Mb]
2017/2018 Inverell Shire Council Operational Plan & Budget[4.78Mb]
2018/2019 Inverell Shire Council Operational Plan & Budget[5Mb]

Roads Backlog
Calculating the Road Backlog – Presentation made at the June 2016 Ordinary Council Meeting[5Mb]
Fit for the Future and the Infrastructure Backlog[848Kb]

Schedule of Fees & Charges
2016/2017 Inverell Shire Council Schedule of Fees and Charges[1Mb]
2017/2018 Inverell Shire Council Schedule of Fees and Charges[2Mb]
2018/2019 Inverell Shire Council Schedule of Fees and Charges[2Mb]

Statement of Environment Report
2011/2012 Inverell Shire Council State of Environment Report[2Mb]

Workforce Management Plan
2010/2020 Inverell Shire Council Workforce Management Plan[611Kb]

Please note that Council publications are available in Portable Document Format (PDF) and require Abobe Acrobat to open. Adobe Acrobat Reader is available from the Adobe website Adobe Acrobat software has an embeded ‘screen reader’ which can read aloud the text in most PDF files and is available for free at



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