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Aspirations and Destinations

Inverell Shire is a dynamic and creative community that provides an opportunity for its citizens to enjoy a quality lifestyle. The area is endowed with natural resources and citizens who adopt a progressive and inclusive approach to life.  These values are encapsulated in the Shire’s Vision Statement; ‘A Community for Everyone‘.

In the future, it is inevitable that the community will be faced with challenges that must be addressed. As a community, we must be vigilant to the early warning signs that these challenges are approaching and be prepared to act decisively in response.

To respond to and manage these challenges, Inverell Shire Council has developed a Strategic Plan. The plan outlines where we wish to be as a community, our destinations. It also details the strategies to be pursued as a means of making progress towards our destinations. It recognises that our citizens seek to live in a healthy and safe community that has access to life long learning opportunities.

Achievement of our destinations will require cooperation and commitment if the vision is to become a reality. Everyone must work together to bring the community’s hopes alive.

Inverell Shire Council’s destinations are listed below. Further information on each destination can be found by clicking on each relevant destination.

Destination 1: A recognised leader in the broader context– Giving priority to the recognition of the shire as a vital component of the New England North West region through regional leadership.

Destination 2: A community that is healthy, educated and sustained – Giving priority to the shire as a sustainable and equitable place that promotes health, wellbeing, life long learning and lifestyle diversity.

Destination 3: An environment that is protected and sustained – Giving priority to sustainable agriculture, protection and conservation of lands, rivers, waterways, bio-diversity and the built environment.

Destination 4: A strong local economy – Giving priority to economic and employment growth and the attraction of visitors.

Destination 5: Communities are supported by sustainable services and infrastructure – Giving priority to the provision of community focused services and the maintenance, enhancement and upgrade of infrastructure.



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