Lake Inverell

Water and Sewer


Council operates 3 seperate water supply schemes for Inverell, Ashford and Yetman. Water supply for each scheme is sourced as follows.

Inverell-Copeton Dam

Storage capacity 1,362,000 megalitres.

Inverell’s water supply was originally obtained from Lake Inverell. Following the construction of Copeton Dam, Inverell’s water has been supplied from this source since 1981.

The Inverell water supply scheme also provides services to the villages of Gilgai, Delungra and Tingha, together with rural allotments between the town and villages within connection range.

Council is currently undertaking extensions to the water supply, to provide a service to residents on the outskirts of Inverell. Council has a more than adequate water supply to service Inverell and surrounding areas, with capacity to meet the demands of future expansion. No water restrictions have been imposed on consumers since the supply has been sourced from Copeton Dam in 1981.

Ashford – Severn River Below Pindari Dam

Water is pumped to the Treatment Works from the Severn River and then gravitates to the village.

Yetman – Bore

A bore located in Council’s Yetman Depot provides water for reticulation throughout the village.


In relation to sewerage services, Council operates reticulated sewerage systems for Inverell, Delungra, Ashford and Gilgai. The systems are operated according to Environmental Guidelines and monitored to ensure compliance with requirements.

The sewer network comprises approximately 105km of pipe, 1661 manholes, 19 pump wells and the sewerage treatment works located to the north of Inverell. Replacement value of this essential infrastructure exceeds $25 million.

Provision of sewerage service to Inverell and district residents is restricted by the Development Servicing Plan. Connection to the sewerage system is a requirement for new and existing development within this area. Once a service is connected to a residence, Council is committed to providng full maintenance to the property boundary. Sewer blockages or other problems within a property boundary are the responsibility of the property owner.


The Development Servicing Plan covers water supply and sewerage developer charges in regard to the Council’s development areas, serviced by Inverell Shire Council.

The Development Servicing Plan Contribution charges for 2017/2018 are:

  • Water: $11,655.00 per equivalent tenement (GST exempt)
  • Sewer: $3,780.00 per equivilant tenement (GST exempt)



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