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Cultural and Arts Strategic Plan

Proposals invited

Inverell Shire Council is seeking suitably experienced consultant(s) to guide the Council, community, and stakeholders through the development of a Cultural and Arts Strategic Plan for our shire. The aim of the strategy is to grow our shire’s reputation as a vibrant and creative place to live, work and visit over the next ten years.

Consultants are invited to submit a proposal and quotation for fees outlining a methodology which responds to the Cultural and Arts Strategy Brief. The successful consultant will achieve rich community engagement and a robust planning document that reflects a deep understanding of the vision, values, and aspirations of the community.

Proposals should be submitted to one of the below options by 4:00 pm, Friday 12 October 2018.


Post: Inverell Shire Council PO Box 138, Inverell NSW 2360

In person: Inverell Shire Council Administration Centre, 144 Otho Street, Inverell NSW 2360

Why is this Council’s business?

Inverell Shire Council recognises that our cultural and arts practices are an important part of building our community identity and connecting our people.

The development of a cultural and arts plan will provide an overarching vision and direction for the delivery of Inverell Shire’s arts and cultural facilities, programs and services as well as providing a framework to maximise Council investment and ensure the greatest possible level of public engagement in the arts.

What do we mean by “culture” and “the arts”?

“Culture” is all about the ways we live our lives – the things we do and say on a daily basis – our beliefs, our language, our food – the rituals of daily life.

“The Arts” are the material ways we communicate these ideas and beliefs.

Culture is everything we do and how we live. The arts is how we write it down, film it, take a photo of it, sing about it, and so on. If you read, listen to music, paint, dance, play an instrument, sing, write, take photos, then you are engaged with the arts.

How you can get involved?

Over the next 12 months, there will be a range of community consultation opportunities in our shire. The more people that get involved, the better our planning will be.

Council will promote opportunities to be involved via social media platforms and local media.

Cultural and Arts Strategic Plan



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