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Cooling Towers

All cooling towers must be maintained in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 3666 “Air Handling and Water Systems of Buildings – Microbial Control”. The occupier of premises that contain a water-cooling system must ensure that:

  • All water-cooling systems undergo monthly testing for Legionella count and heterotrophic colony count
  • Reportable test results of Legionella count ≥1000 cfu/mL and heterotrophic colony count ≥5,000,000 cfu/mL are notified to the local government authority for that area.

Under the Public Health Regulation, Council must maintain a register of all cooling water systems in their local government area; receive notifications of installation or a change in particulars (including decommissioning) of systems in their area; issue a unique identification number for each cooling tower in their area and receive certificates of RMP completion and audit completion.

If you are the owner or occupier of a premises with a cooling tower please contact Council’s Civil and Environmental Services on (02) 6728 8200 or complete the Notification of installed water cooling system or warm water system form to register your cooling water system with Council.

Further information and guidance is also provided on the NSW Health website

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