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Water Conservation

Council has a Drought Management Plan in place to encourage water conservation and to prepare the community for drought with emerging climate variability.

From December 2019, new Permanent Water Conservation Measures apply to all residents connected to Copeton Water supply, including Inverell, Delungra, Gilgai, Tingha, and Mount Russell. Conservation measures also apply to Ashford and Yetman town water supplies. The below permanent water conservation measures are permanent during Daylight Saving Time and include:

  Hand held hoses are permitted if fitted with a water efficient nozzle;
  Sprinklers, micro sprays and fixed hoses are only permitted 6pm – 8am;
  Water efficient drip irrigation only permitted 6pm – 8am;
  Buckets and cans for watering garden are permitted;
  Washing cars with a bucket is permitted;
  High pressure cleaners (limited to 9 litres / minute) are permitted for outdoor cleaning;
  Evaporative coolers are permitted;
  Private swimming pools – filling and topping up is permitted;
  Washing cars with a hand held hose is permitted.
Current Restrictions - Summary
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Water Restrictions

Current water restriction brochures for residential and non-residential / commercial usage are available below:

Water Restriction Brochures
Residential UsageDownload[4MB - PDF]
Commercial / Non Residential UsageDownload[357KB - PDF]

new turf?

Residents who are watering new turf are asked to complete to the Water Management Plan Application form and refer to the 6-week new turf watering plan.

Should conditions worsen, residents will move to higher level water conservation measures. The five levels of water restrictions are summarised in the below table.


You can help safeguard our water and save money by making some simple changes around your home. Our tips provide ideas for reducing water use inside your home and also in the garden.

Saving water in the kitchen

Water use in the kitchen contributes up to 13% of total household consumption.

Browse our water saving tips.

Saving water in the garden

Permanent water conservation measures restrict how and when residents can water their garden.

Browse our water saving tips.

Saving water in the bathroom & laundry

The biggest water-users in the home are washing machines, showers, taps and toilets.

Browse our water saving tips.

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