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About Inverell Shire & it’s Council

Inverell has a growing population which now stands at 16,936 while the local government area has over 17 650 residents. In 2016, Inverell was named one of the fastest growing inland communities in NSW. Due to its location, Inverell is a commercial hub which services an estimated 60 000 people, with a catchment stretching as far as southern Queensland.

 Founded originally as a small town to support agriculture, mainly grazing, the nearby discovery of tin then diamonds saw Inverell become the centre for mining tin, diamonds, lead and silver. The town grew rapidly to support the mining industry and workers flocked to the district with the hope of striking it rich.


By the 1950’s, Inverell had become the largest producer of sapphires in the world, with mining companies large and small in search of the precious gemstones which had been known to exist for three quarters of a century. This led to Inverell becoming known as the Sapphire City. Nowadays, sapphire mining continues in the east of the shire. The collapse of the tin cartel in the 1980’s saw tin mining cease throughout the region. Future information on Inverell’s history can be found on our History and Heritage page.

In 1979, three councils amalgamated to form what is now the Inverell Shire Council. With this progression, local government had undertaken a new approach in its role of not just being a provider of essential services but entered into the field of land purchase for residential and industrial use.

Council proceeded to lay a new pipeline from Copeton Dam on the Gwydir River to secure long-term water supply for the Inverell community and a new water reticulation system for the township. A new sewerage treatment plant was subsequently constructed. Both facilities were designed with the future in mind and are able to service a population well above the present levels.

The Council’s philosophy has always been to create employment for its citizens and support industry while utilising effectively any aid that be forthcoming from State and Federal Governments.

Councillors – Your Representatives

Inverell Shire Council is made up of nine elected members, one of whom is the Mayor. The elected members are elected by residents and ratepayers of the Shire every four years. The last general election was held in September, 2016.

The elected members should reflect the views of the community and be primarily responsible for making decisions on policy matters and the allocation of funds for Council’s services. In September each year the nine elected members elect a Mayor and a Deputy Mayor for the ensuing twelve months.

Should you wish to correspond with a Councillor, please forward all correspondence c/- Inverell Shire Council, PO Box 138, Inverell NSW 2360.

Inverell's Mayor - Paul Harmon


(02) 6728 8288 (b/h)
(02) 6722 3598 (b/h)
(02) 6721 1682 (a/h)
0412 759 410

Inverell Shire Council Councillor - Cr Di Baker

Cr Di Baker

(02) 6728 8288 (b/h)
0427 255 565

Inverell Shire Council Councillor - Cr Jackie Watts

Cr Jacki Watts

(02) 6728 8288 (b/h)
0427 672 241

Inverell Shire Council Councillor & Deputy Mayor - Cr Anthony Michael

Cr Anthony Michael

(02) 6728 8288 (b/h)
(02) 6722 5281 (a/h)
0427 224 079

Inverell Shire Council Councillor - Cr Kate Dight

Cr Kate Dight

(02) 6728 8288 (b/h)
0428 753 244

Inverell Shire Council Councillor - Cr Stewart Berryman

Cr Stewart Berryman

(02) 6728 8288 (b/h)
(02) 6722 4165 (b/h) & (a/h)

Inverell Shire Council Councillor - Cr Paul King

Cr Paul King OAM

(02) 6728 8288 (b/h)
0408 605 318

Inverell Shire Council Councillor - Cr Neil McCosker

Cr Neil McCosker

(02) 6728 8288 (b/h)
(02) 6721 0021 (b/h)
0427 201 622

Inverell Shire Council Councillor - Cr Mal Peters

Cr Mal Peters

(02) 6728 8288 (b/h)
(02) 6725 4128 (a/h)


Management and Structure

The Council’s Management Team consists of the General Manager and the two (2) Directors. Each Directorate is responsible for carrying out a range of community services and related functions. For a detailed explanation of operational activities, please see Council’s Operational Plan or alternatively you can view Council’s management structure.
Inverell Shire Council's General Manager - Paul Henry General Manager

Paul Henry

Inverell Shire Council's Director of Civil & Environmental Services - Brett McInnes Director Civil & Environmental Services

Brett McInnes


Strategic Direction & Value Statement

Mission Statement

“To work with the community in providing and facilitating the provision of services that enhance the quality of life of all Shire residents.”

Customer Commitment

Inverell Shire Council is a service-based organisation and will conduct itself accordingly. Its customers, both internal and external to the organisation, can reasonably expect the highest possible standards of service. Council staff will make every effort to ensure that their response reflects the Council’s commitment to providing a quality service.

Value Statement


Council is commited to being responsive and accessible to the public and to work in a fair and equitable manner with the organisations and individuals with whom it interacts.

Excellence of Service

Council strives and is committed to achieving excellence in its work. Council expects a quality service to be delivered to its customers and high productivity in all areas of Council operations.

Respect for Staff

In return for a committment to Council values, Council is committed to fostering and utilising the skills of its staff and Offering an equitable and safe work environment. These values are fundamental to Council’s Management and Business Plans as they underpin the setting of objectives and delivery of Council services.



Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:30am - 4:30pm

General Manager
PO Box 138 Inverell NSW 2360

Administration Centre:

144 Otho Street
Inverell NSW 2360

Phone: (02) 6728 8288
Fax: (02) 6728 8277
ABN: 72 695 204 530


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