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Major Projects

Inverell Sewerage Treatment Plant Rehabilitation

The two aeration tanks at the Inverell Sewage Treatment Plant require major repairs to the floors and walls.  As the repairs require each of the tanks to be taken “off-line” while the work is completed and there is not sufficient capacity to operate with only one tank in service, Council is constructing another aeration tank to operate on a temporary basis. This temporary tank will form the basis for a permanent capacity upgrade in the future if this becomes necessary.

Plane Tree Management

At the April 2016 Council Meeting, the Councillors considered another report on Plane Tree Management in the Inverell Town Centre.  This report was initiated by the completion of an Arborist’s Report prepared for the Concerned Inverell Ratepayers’ Association. View the CIRA’s Arborist report here. All Councillors who were present agreed that the ‘inappropriately planted Plane trees’ were causing significant problems and needed to be replaced in a ‘staged process’.

Town Centre Renewal Plan

The Town Centre Renewal Project will be a multi faceted project that will Guide future development of the CBD and expenditure priorities in future budgets. The plan will encompass a number of aspects including traffic management, landscape architecture, urban design, heritage, cultural, civil infrastructure and public amenity.



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