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Weed Control Management Plan

Weed Management is without a doubt one of Australia’s biggest Natural Resource Management challenges facing this country today.

Weeds threaten our valuable agricultural industries, influence the economic viability of our communities, affect human health, and pose a major threat to our unique biodiversity.

Detailed below are the Weed Control Management Plans for weeds currently posing significant risks to our region.

For further information on other regional weeds, please visit the NSW WeedWise website or contact Inverell Shire Council’s Civil & Environmental Department on (02) 6728 8200.

WeedWeed Control Management Plan
Alligator WeedDownload897 KB - PDF
Annual RagweedDownload324 KB - PDF
BlackberryDownload827 KB - PDF
Chilean Needle GrassDownload865 KB - PDF
GorseDownload866 KB - PDF
Green CestrumDownload862 KB - PDF
Harrisia CactusDownload824 KB - PDF
Honey LocustDownload755 KB - PDF
Inverell PrivetDownload676 KB - PDF
Mexican Water LilyDownload691 KB - PDF
Montpellier BroomDownload358 KB - PDF
Nodding ThistleDownload335 KB - PDF
Serrated TussockDownload901 KB - PDF
Silverleaf NightshadeDownload842 KB - PDF
St Johns WortDownload794 KB - PDF
Sweet BriarDownload847 KB - PDF
Tropical Soda AppleDownload1 MB - PDF
Water HyacinthDownload374 KB - PDF
Water LettuceDownload909 KB - PDF
Yellow BellsDownload752 KB - PDF
Flowering Alligator WeedAnnual RagweedBlackberry leaves and fruitChilean Needle GrassGorse plantGreen Cestrum flower and leafHarrisia CactusHoney LocustBroad-leaf privet flowersMexican water lilyA Broom plant can grow to 3 m high.Broom flowers and pods. The pods are hairy all overNodding thistle flowerSerrated tussock plantSilverleaf nightshade flowerSt John’s wort has yellow flowers with five petalsThe attractive flowers of sweet briarTropical Soda Apple fruitFlowers, leaves and pods of Yellow Bells.



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