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Sapphire Wind Farm Community Fund


Applications for Round 1 of the 2022 Sapphire Wind Farm Community Fund will open Monday, 17 January 2022 and close 4:00pm Friday, 25 February 2022. Application forms will be available for download from this page the week prior to the funding round.

The Sapphire Wind Farm Community Fund S355 Committee aims to support initiatives that strengthen the local community through projects that deliver community benefits through the funding of grants within the boundaries of the Inverell Shire Council local Government area.

Funding Recipients

Sapphire Wind Farm Funding Recipients
2021Round 1 RecipientsRound 2 Recipients
2020Round 1 RecipientsRound 2 Recipients
2019Round 1 RecipientsRound 2 Recipients


Application forms will be made available on the Inverell Shire Council website at the commencement of each funding round. Application forms can also be requested at any time at Council’s Administration Centre, 144 Otho Street Inverell.

Applications should be sent to Inverell Shire Council via email or post. Incomplete application forms will be returned.

Please note – Applications for retrospective funding will not be considered.

Incorporated or Not for Profit community based groups, funds, projects / programs or facilities that are located within, or provide a direct benefit to the community within the Inverell Shire local government area.


Government Agencies

Maintenance works that would normally be funded by Council

The Sapphire Wind Farm Community Fund is administered on a biannual basis. Within each round, the following application timeline process will be adhered to:

  • Applications open – 6 week period
  • Committee review of all applications received – 5 weeks from close of applications
  • Notification of applicants – successful / unsuccessful outcome, relevant feedback – end of Committee review period.

Due to limited funds available, all requests that meet the established criteria may not be approved.

General selection criteria may include:

Project Benefits

  • Direct and indirect community benefit
  • Quality of life / community wellness enhancement
  • Program / project operational efficiencies
  • Demographics served

Availability of Funding

  • Prior funding to applicant
  • Demonstration of need for financial assistance

Target Community Need

  • Public safety / improved access
  • Provide a direct service to the community
  • Council / community support

Project / Program Viability

  • Background of applicant (i.e. organisation size / representation, prior experience)
  • The extent to which project or program duplicates other available facilities or programs in the area

In addition to the above, applications must satisfy the following criteria:

  • The target community is within the Inverell Shire local government area;
  • Aim to improve the quality of life for the people in the target community;
  • Aim to provide facilities and services for the target community;
  • Be an Incorporated or Not for Profit entity;
  • Provide full financial and legal disclosure on the project and be subject to independent audit;
  • The project must not have a detrimental or negative impact on other community facilities and services; and
  • Projects funded as part of the Sapphire Wind Farm Community Fund may be subject to conditions which may include but not be limited to compliance with relevant safety or Australian Standards, as deemed appropriate by the Committee.

Programs or projects with benefits beyond the target community will be considered based on their capacity to benefit those people within the target community.

Should you require further information please council Council on (02) 6728 8288 or visit

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