Lake Inverell

Notice of Determinations

From 1 July 2018, Inverell Shire Council must publicly notify its decisions in relation to the determination, under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, of:

  • Applications for development consent; and
  • Exhibited modification applications.

Information relating to a decision made by Inverell Shire Council is contained within the Notice of Determination issued for an application. Notices of Determination issued from 1 July 2018 are available below.

Please note that plans and/or accompanying reports have not been uploaded with the Notice of Determinations. For access to plans and/or accompanying reports, please contact Council’s Civil and Environmental Services on (02) 6728 8200.

2019 Determinations

DA No.Determination DateDescriptionAddressDetermination
58/2017-A16 June 20117Subdivision
1 Moore St, InverellDetermination DA-58/2017-A
51/20196 JuneCarport15 Angorra Cl, InverellDetermination DA-51/2019
44/20195 JuneStudio271 Ponds Rd, GilgaiDetermination DA-44/2019
45/20195 JuneDemolition17-19 Auburn Vale Rd, InverellDetermination DA-45/2019
35/20193 JuneNew farm shed1023 Mount Russell Rd, Mount RussellDetermination DA-35/2019
98/201831 MayConstruction of Waste Transfer Station262 Campbell Rd, BonshawDetermination DA-98/2018
26/201922 MayNew Colorbond fence6375 Gwydir Hwy, InverellDetermination DA-26/2019
39/201920 MayNew dwelling16/47 Mulligan St, InverellDetermination DA-39/2019
33/20191 May New shed69 George St, InverellDetermination DA-33/2019
31/201930 AprilInstall in-ground pool39 Boland Ln, InverellDetermination DA-31/2019
27/201916 AprilNew shed44 Warialda Rd, InverellDetermination DA-27/2019
49/2018-A10 April
* Amendment. originally approved 23/05/2018
Additional Use of Building
for Takeaway Food and
Drink, Signage, Shopfront Alterations, Removal
of Rear Sheds and Installation of Rear
43 Otho St, InverellDetermination DA-49/2018-A
22/20192 AprilTelecommunications
77 Inverness Rd, Swan ValeDetermination DA-22/2019
24/201920 MarchAlterations & additions - enclose verandah104 Runnymede Dr, InverellDetermination DA-24/2019
20/201920 MarchAdditional Infrastructure - Mountain Bike Park4004 Bundarra Rd, InverellDetermination DA-20/2019
21/201912 MarchAlterations / additions to dwelling49 Goonoowigall Rd, InverellDetermination DA-21/2019
19/201912 MarchNew shed301 Fernhill Rd, InverellDetermination DA-19/2019
16/20194 MarchConstruct dwelling,
shed & swimming pool
9A McBrides Ln, InverellDetermination DA-16/2019
14/20191 MarchNew shed6170 Gwydir Hwy, InverellDetermination DA-14/2019
143/201828 FebruaryMedical Centre & Offices3 Rivers St, InverellDetermination DA-143/2018
7/201922 FebruaryInstall in-ground fiberglass swimming pool & associated fencing37 Palaroo Ln, InverellDetermination DA-7/2019
139/201822 FebruarySelf storage units20 Marsh St, GilgaiDetermination DA-139/2018
70/2016-A22 February
*Amendment. Originally approved 24/06/2016
Dwelling, swimming pool
& granny flat.
372 Fernhill Rd, InverellDetermination DA-70/2016-A
15/201921 FebruaryDwelling24 Bannockburn Rd, InverellDetermination DA-15/2019
150/201820 FebruaryProposed redevelopment
of existing masonic hall
166 Otho St, InverellDetermination DA-150/2018
13/201920 FebruaryBoundary
2140 Copeton Dam Rd, CopetonDetermination DA-13/2019
12/201920 FebruaryAlterations & additions
to building
5 Andrew St, InverellDetermination DA-12/2019
5/201919 FebruaryAlterations & additions
to dwelling
5 Allambie Cres, InverellDetermination DA-5/2019
9/201915 FebruaryStablesCameron St, InverellDetermination DA-9/2019
11/201912 FebruaryShed addition & carport42 Dog Trap Ln, InverellDetermination DA-11/2019
79/2014-A12 FebruaryBoundary adjustment
& consolidation
793 Copeton Dam Rd, Gum FlatDetermination DA-79/2014-A
4/20198 FebruaryUse of shipping
235 Old Bundarra Rd, InverellDetermination DA-4/2019
151/20185 FebruaryExtractive Industry2816 Kings Plains Rd, SapphireDetermination DA-151/2018
3/20195 FebruaryShed15088 Guyra Rd, GilgaiDetermination DA-3/2019
8/201930 JanuaryEarthworks9A McBrides Ln, InverellDetermination 8/2019
155/201830 JanuaryDemolish building150 Glen Innes Rd, InverellDetermination DA-155/2018
161/201817 JanuaryConstruct addition
to shed
48 Hampton Ct, InverellDetermination DA-161/2018
159/201814 JanuaryShed90 Lawrence St, InverellDetermination DA-159/2018
2/201911 JanuaryNew shed69 Boland Ln, InverellDetermination
168/201810 JanuaryChange of use and fit out23 Lawrence St, InverellDetermination DA-168/2018
167/20189 JanuaryCarport97 George St, InverellDetermination DA-167/2018
166/20189 JanuaryDemolition of existing
sheds & construction
of new shed
383 Elsmore Rd, Brodies PlainsDetermination DA-166/2018
154/20188 JanuaryStorage shed15 Oliver St, InverellDetermination
164/20182 JanuaryRemoval of dewlling.
Demolition of shed and construction of a new
4303 Bundarra Rd, InverellDetermination

2018 Determinations

DA No.Determination DateDescriptionAddressDetermination
160/201821 DecemberDwelling & shed633 Yetman Rd, InverellDetermination DA-160/2018
163/201818 DecemberSign70-92 Brae St, InverellDetermination DA-163/2018
165/201817 DecemberUse of Skillion Roofs129 Bonshaw Rd, AshfordDetermination DA-165/2018
162/201817 DecemberAlterations & additions12 Brae St, InverellDetermination DA-162/2018
145/201814 DecemberInstall two manufactured villas93-103 Moore St, InverellDetermination DA-145/2018
153/201813 DecemberNew dwelling347 Mount Russell Rd, Mount RussellDetermination DA-153/2018
126/201812 DecemberAlterations & additions to Land Council building25 Albury St, AshfordDetermination DA-126/2018
22/2010-A 12 DecemberNew dwelling, swimming pool & access
* Amendment - Originally approved 21/04/2010
8075 Gwydir Hwy, Little PlainDetermination DA-22/2010-A
146/20185 DecemberCarport45 Froude St, InverellDetermination DA-146/2018
158/201829 NovemberDemolition of front
office building
107 Old Bundarra Rd, InverellDetermination DA-158/2018
157/201829 November
Boundary adjustment146 Evans St, InverellDetermination DA-157/2018
148/201828 NovemberNew dwelling & shed2160 Kings Plains Rd, SapphireDetermination DA-148/2018
115/2017-A28 NovemberDwelling & shed
* Amendment - Originally approved 13/11/2017
Oakland Ln, InverellDetermination DA-115/2017-A
149/201821 NovemberShed5 Chisholm St, InverellDetermination DA-149/2018
147/201820 NovemberShed119 Auburn Vale Rd, InverellDetermination DA-147/2018
142/201820 NovemberNew dwelling240 Halls Ln, BukkullaDetermination DA-142/2018
81/2015-A20 NovemberBeauty Salon
* Amendment - Originally approved 15/5/2015
223 Otho St, InverellDetermination DA-81/2015-A
144/201819 NovemberConstruct new dwelling & shedFullers Ln, InverellDetermination DA-144/2018
111/2016-A19 NovemberAlterations & additions to dwelling, new shed & install pool
* Amendment - Originally approved 01/09/2016
56 Granville St, InverellDetermination DA-111/2016-A
132/201816 NovemberVerandah61-67 Otho St, InverellDetermination DA-32/2018
138/201815 November Construct bathroom in garage32 Queens Tce, InverellDetermination DA-138/2018
137/201815 November Demolition of building24 Bannockburn Rd, InverellDetermination DA-137/2018
141/201812 NovemberEarthworks145 Roscrae Ln, InverellDetermination DA-141/2018
140/201812 NovemberInstall above ground pool11 Wolbah Cl, InverellDetermination DA-140/2018
136/20189 NovemberConstruct above ground pool & deck63 Caloola Dr, InverellDetermination DA-136/2018
9 NovemberUse of dwelling for group
30 Granville St, InverellDetermination DA-135/2018
134/201831 OctoberConcrete slab197 Byron St, InverellDetermination DA-134/2018
133/20188 NovemberAdditions to dwelling7 Campbell St, InverellDetermination DA-133/2018
131/201831 OctoberPool100 Andersons Ln,
Determination DA-131/2018
125/201831 OctoberAlterations & additions to
39 George St, InverellDetermination DA-125/2018
128/201825 OctoberExtend Patio370A Old Bundarra Rd, InverellDetermination DA-128/2018
129/201822 OctoberShed148 Evans St, InverellDetermination DA-129/2018
112/201818 OctoberSubdivision9 Albert St, InverellDetermination DA-112/2018
122/201816 OctoberNew Carport20 Caloola Dr, InverellDetermination DA-122/2018
130/201815 OctoberDwelling6388 Warialda Rd, InverellDetermination DA-130/2018
127/201815 OctoberConstruct new dwelling38 Dog Trap Ln, InverellDetermination DA-127/2018
99/2015-A15 OctoberNew Dwelling & shed
* Amendment - Originally approved 29/07/2015
100 Andersons Ln, OakwoodDetermination DA-99/2015-A
112/2016-A15 October
Granny Flat
* Amendment - Originally approved 2/08/2016
100 Andersons Ln, OakwoodDetermination DA-112/2016-A
124/201815 OctoberConstruct New Shed21 Alsace Rd, InverellDetermination DA-124/2018
123/201812 OctoberChange Use - Skin Penetration (Beauty Salon92 Otho St, InverellDetermination DA-123/2018
19/2018-A12 October
New Dwelling -
Dual Occupancy (Detached)
& New Shed
* Amendment - Originally approved 8/05/2018
8 Brewery St, Inverell.Determination DA-19/2018-A
121/201810 OctoberShed9 Box Tree Pl, InverellDetermination DA-121/2018
119/201810 OctoberAlterations & additions to
29 Lang St, InverellDetermination DA-119/2018
115/20184 OctoberInstall signage108-110 Warialda Rd, InverellDetermination DA-115/2018
120/201828 SeptemberMovable Dwelling - Dual Occupancy Detached - Roof Canopy Off Shed21 Harland St, InverellDetermination DA-120/2018
117/201828 SeptemberAlterations & additions123 Byron St, InverellDetermination DA-117/2018
116/201828 SeptemberConstruct carport &
93 Short St, InverellDetermination DA-116/2018
114/201827 SeptemberConstruction of New Shed14 MacIntyre St, InverellDetermination DA-114/2018
110/201827 SeptemberRemove & replace two
21 Glen Innes Rd, InverellDetermination DA-110/2018
111/201825 SeptemberConstruct Farm Shed4188 Gwydir Hwy, ElsmoreDetermination DA-111/2018
21/201825 SeptemberDwelling26 William St, InverellDetermination DA-21/2018
108/2017-A24 SeptemberMulti Dwelling Housing, Modification - Strata
160-162 Glen Innes Rd, InverellDetermination DA-108/2017-A
109/201821 SeptemberReplace Existing Shed4303 Bundarra Rd, InverellDetermination DA-109/2018
107/201821 SeptemberConstruct New Shed389 Auburn Vale Rd, InverellDetermination DA-107/2018
37/2018-A21 SeptemberConstruct New Dwelling,
Shed & Pool
4326 Bundarra Rd, InverellDetermination DA-37/2018-A
105/201821 SeptemberAdditions to Shed34 Dog Trap Ln, InverellDetermination DA-105/2018
113/201820 SeptemberConstruct New Dwelling &
Old Bundarra Rd, InverellDetermination DA-113/2018
101/201819 SeptemberSubdivision271 Old Bundarra Rd, InverellDetermination DA-101/2018
100/201819 SeptemberDemolish Old Shed &
Construct New Shed
3 Mulligan St, Inverell
Determination DA-100/2018
104/201817 SeptemberConstruct Addition to
3626 Bundarra Rd, GilgaiDetermination DA-104/2018
97/201817 SeptemberConstruction of Shed240 Halls Ln, BukkullaDetermination DA-97/2018
96/201817 SeptemberConstruct New Dwelling16 White Box Pl, InverellDetermination DA-96/2018
108/201813 SeptemberAlterations & Additions to Dwelling8428 Gwydir Hwy, Little PlainDetermination DA-108/2018
103/201812 SeptemberAlterations & Additions to Dwelling22 Burnett St, DelungraDetermination DA-103/2018
106/20186 SeptemberAdditions to Dwelling42 Roseneath Ln, Brodies PlainsDetermination
102/20185 SeptemberNew Dwelling62 Oswald St, InverellDetermination DA-102/2018
95/201824 AugustAlterations to Outdoor
35 Glen Innes Rd, InverellDetermination DA-95/2018
89/201824 August

New Commercial Building53 Vivian St, InverellDetermination DA-89/2018
88/201824 AugustAlterations & Additions to Dwelling, Shed &
Construct Carport
28 King St, InverellDetermination DA-88/2018
38/2018 24 AugustConstruction of double story duplex50 Lewin St, InverellDetermination DA-38/2018
87/201821 AugustCarport100 Bannockburn Rd, InverellDetermination DA-87/2018
93/201820 AugustInstallation of Manufactured Home from Short Term24 Duff St, AshfordDetermination DA-93/2018
86/201816 AugustCarport15 Zircon St, InverellDetermination DA-86/2018
94/201814 AugustUse of Garage, Outdoor Entertainment Area &
Dwelling Lower Floor
54 Gordon St, InverellDetermination DA-94/2018
92/201814 AugustShipping containers78 Chester St, InverellDetermination DA-92/2018
90/201814 AugustConstruct walls either side
of Smallbore Rifle Range
6375 Gwydir Hwy, InverellDetermination DA-90/2018
68/201813 AugustSkillion addition to Men's
10 Tingha Rd, InverellDetermination DA-68/2018
91/201810 AugustShedMcBrides Ln, InverellDetermination DA-91/2018
82/20188 AugustConstruct New Dwelling &
11 Vincent Pl, InverellDetermination DA-82/2018
64/20183 AugustSingle Dwelling Use Only700 Old Bundarra, Rd InverellDetermination
51/2015-A3 AugustConstruction of Shop Top
53-61 Byron St, InverellDetermination
85/201830 JulyEarthworks143 Roscrae Ln, InverellDetermination
83/201825 JulyDwelling527 Old Bundarra Rd, InverellDetermination
78/201825 JulyCarport 72 Urabatta St, InverellDetermination
81/201819 JulySubdivision125 Brae St, InverellDetermination
98/2002-B19 JulyErect New Dwelling, Nursery and associated signage315 Old Bundarra Rd, InverellDetermination DA-98/2002-B
84/201817 JulyConstruct Carport57 Brae St, InverellDetermination
79/201817 JulyAlteration & Additions to
1640 Copeton Dam Rd, Gum FlatDetermination
80/2018-A 11 JulyReplace Pool & Extend
29 Orchard Pl, InverellDetermination DA-80/2018-A
80/201811 JulyReplace Pool & Extend
* See amendment 80/2018-A
29 Orchard Pl, InverellDetermination
77/201810 JulyShed16 Warialda Rd, InverellDetermination
73/20184 JulyConstruction of New Storage
8-12 Brissett St, InverellDetermination
2/2018-A5 JulyRecreation Facility66 Ring St, InverellDetermination
26/2017-A18 April 2017Subdivision & new dwelling6-8 Anderson St, InverellDetermination DA-26/2017-A



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