Lake Inverell

Notices of Determination

From 1 July 2018, Inverell Shire Council must publicly notify its decisions in relation to the determination, under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, of:

  • Applications for development consent; and
  • Exhibited modification applications.

Information relating to a decision made by Inverell Shire Council is contained within the Notice of Determination issued for an application. Notices of Determination issued from 1 July 2018 are available below.

Please note that plans and/or accompanying reports have not been uploaded with the Notices of Determination. For access to plans and/or accompanying reports, please contact Council’s Civil and Environmental Services on (02) 6728 8200.

Pursuant to Section 4.59 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 Notification of Development Consents and Notification of Complying Development Consents are made available via Council’s Notification of Development Application Consents and Complying Development Consents web page and advertised monthly via Council’s Public Notices.

2021 Determinations

DA No.DevelopmentNotice [PDF]
178/202026 King Street, Inverell NSW 2360
Additions to shed.
Determination DA-178/2020
Issued: 6 January 2021
182/20207 Crestview Place, Inverell NSW 2360
New shed.
Determination DA-182/2020
Issued: 5 January 2021
181/202048 Fernhill Road, Inverell NSW 2360
Additions to shed.
Determination DA-181/2020
Issued: 5 January 2021
DA No.DevelopmentNotice [PDF]
186/202078 Wolbah Close, Inverell NSW 2360
Install above ground pool.

Issued: 30 December
170/20201 Max Place, Inverell NSW 2360
New shed.

Issued: 18 December
179/20207360 Gwydir Highway, Inverell NSW 2360
Install above ground pool.

Issued: 17 December
144/2020385 Cherry Tree Hill Road, Cherry Tree Hill
NSW 2360

Demolish part of existing dwelling
and construct new addition.

Issued: 15 December
154/202016 Brownleigh Vale Dr, Inverell NSW 2360
New dwelling.

Issued: 11 December
166/202056 Otho Street, Inverell NSW 2360
Roof Over Existing Deck

Issued: 10 December
2 Max Place, Inverell NSW 2360
Subdivision & semi-detached dwellings.

Issued: 10 December
Originally Issued: 8 May
171/20209 Corella Court, Inverell NSW 2360

Issued: 9 December
155/202068 Rose Street, Inverell NSW 2360
Re-Development - Early Childhood Education & Care Service (0-2 year olds)

Issued: 9 December
525 Old Bundarra Road, Inverell NSW 2360
Dwelling & shed.

Issued: 9 December
Originally Issued: 11 September
169/202012 Dog Trap Lane, Inverell NSW 2360
New Dwelling

Issued: 8 December
173/2020Cameron Street, Inverell NSW 2360
New Shed

Issued: 8 December
167/2020122 Roseneath Lane, Inverell NSW 2360

Issued: 8 December
164/20206 Max Place, Inverell NSW 2360
New Dwelling & Shed

Issued: 4 December
148/202043 Bennett Street, Inverell NSW 2360
New Shed

Issued: 2 December
163/2020145 Roscrae Lane, Inverell NSW 2360
New Shed

Issued: 2 December
162/202010/47 Mulligan Street, Inverell NSW 2360
New Dwelling

Issued: 2 December
161/202011/47 Mulligan Street, Inverell NSW 2360
New Dwelling

Issued: 1 December
51/2019/A15 Angorra Close, Inverell NSW 2360
DA 51/2019/A

Issued: 30 November 2020
165/202026 Warana Drive, Inverell NSW 2360
Pool Shelter

Issued: 30 November
138/202023 McBrides Lane, Inverell NSW 2360
Granny Flat

Issued: 27 November
137/2020550 Arrawatta Road, Oakwood NSW 2360
Construct two new farm sheds.

Issued: 27 November
136/2020441 Wynella Road, Oakwood NSW 2360
Farm shed.

Issued: 26 November
150/202097 Urabatta Street, Inverell NSW 2360
New Dwelling

Issued: 25 November
145/202072 Mackie Lane, Inverell NSW 2360
New Dwelling

Issued: 20 November
160/202041 Vivian Street, Inverell NSW 2360
Front Fascia Signage.

Issued: 20 November
158/202018 Brissett Street, Inverell NSW 2360
Electrical Workshop.

Issued: 20 November
157/202064 Mather St, Inverell NSW 2360
New dwelling.

Issued: 20 November
146/202014 White Box Place, Inverell NSW 2360
Construction of in-ground swimming
pool & associated safety barriers.

Issued: 18 November
149/202010 Butler Street, Inverell NSW 2360
Front porch & carport.

Issued: 13 November
143/202026-30 Vivian Street, Inverell NSW 2360
New Advertising Signage.

Issued: 13 November
142/2020468 Old Bundarra Road, Inverell NSW 2360
Install in-ground pool & construct
pool house

Issued: 11 November
140/202025 Burtenshaw Road, Inverell NSW 2360
Enclosure of a welding workshop to prevent
bird ingress.

Issued: 9 November
45 Rose Street, Inverell NSW 2360
New shed and addition to dwelling.

Issued: 6 November
135/202016 Bukkulla Street, Ashford NSW 2361

Issued: 5 November
132/2020Ross St, Inverell NSW 2360
Portico on hall.

Issued: 2 November
125/202010 Taylor Avenue, Inverell NSW 2360
Truck loading shelter shed.

Issued: 2 November 2020
115/2020Staggs Lane, Inverell NSW 2360
Dwelling, shed & carport

Issued: 2 November 2020
139/202067 Oliver Street, Inverell NSW 2360
Addition to existing building.

Issued: 30 October 2020
128/202030 Talbragar Close, Inverell NSW 2360
New dwelling & shed.

Issued: 30 October 2020
98/20209 Butler Street, Inverell NSW 2360
Subdivision & dwelling.

Issued: 30 October 2020
61/2020771 Aberdeen Road, Stanborough NSW 2360

Issued: 30 October 2020
121/2020Old Bundarra Road, Gilgai NSW 2360
New dwelling.

Issued: 28 October 2020
5 Oakland Lane, Inverell NSW 2360
New dwelling.

Issued: 28 October 2020
116/2020439 Yetman Road, Inverell NSW 2360
Construction of dwelling (Detached Dual Occupancy).

Issued: 25 October 2020
113/2020172 Ashford Road, Inverell NSW 2360
Truck shelter.

Issued: 23 October
124/2020545 Old Bundarra Road, Inverell NSW 2360

Issued: 23 October 2020
118/202045 Rose Street, Inverell NSW 2360
New shed & addition to dwelling.

Issued: 23 October 2020
114/202012 Colin Street, Inverell NSW 2360
New shed.

Issued: 23 October 2020
111/20208 Alsace Street, Inverell NSW 2360
One (1) into two (2) lot subdivision.

Issued: 25 October 2020
134/202068 Lochinvar Lane, Inverell NSW 2360
Demolish existing building.

Issued: 22 October 2020
110/202010 Coggan Place, Inverell NSW 2360
Construct shed.

Issued: 22 October 2020
120/20205 McIlveen Street, Inverell NSW 2360
Install above ground pool.

Issued: 16 October 2020
123/2020240 Byron Street, Inverell NSW 2360

Issued: 9 October 2020
112/20205 Oakland Lane, Inverell NSW 2360
New dwelling.

Issued: 9 October 2020
100/20205 Stainfield Drive, Inverell NSW 2360

Issued: 9 October 2020
119/250202 Coggan Place, Inverell NSW 2360

Issued: 8 October 2020
122/20203 Zircon Street, Inverell NSW 2360

Issued: 7 October 2020
101/2020'Wanderinby' Ashford 2361

Issued: 29 September 2020
160-162 Glen Innes Road, Inverell NSW 2360
Multi Dwelling Housing.

Issued: 29 September 2020
95/202011 Libani Close, Inverell NSW 2360
Determination DA-95/2020
Issued: 28 September 2020
96/20201804-2033 Tarwoona Road, Camp Creek NSW 4385
Cattle Feedlot.
Determination DA-96/2020
Issued: 23 September 2020
109/202048-50 Otho Street, Inverell NSW 2360
Partial change of use.
Food and drinks premises, internal alterations.

Issued: 22 September 2020
108/202018 Chisholm Street, Inverell NSW 2360
New shed.

Issued: 22 September 2020
106/2020496 Yetman Road, Inverell NSW 2360

Issued: 18 September 2020
103/202058 Bimbadeen Drive, Inverell NSW 2360
Dwelling and shed.

Issued: 15 September 2020
97/2020525 Old Bundarra Road, Inverell NSW 2360
Dwelling and shed.
Determination DA-97/2020
Issued: 11 September 2020
93/202037 Brissett Street, Inverell NSW 2360
New Storage Shed.
Determination DA-93/2020
Issued: 3 September 2020
91/202030 Albion Flat Road, Tingha NSW 2369
New shed.
Determination DA-91/2020
Issued: 2 September 2020
43/2020100 Ross Street, Inverell NSW 2360
Determination DA-43/2020
Issued: 31 August 2020
90/20201021 Nullamanna Road, Nullamanna NSW 2360
Private Cemetery.
Determination DA-90/2020
Issued: 30 August 2020
99/20207374 Gwydir Highway, Inverell NSW 2360
Alterations and additions to dwelling.
Determination DA-99/2020
Issued: 29 August 2020
94/2020254 Cherry Tree Hill Road, Cherry Tree Hill NSW 2360
Determination DA-94/2020
Issued: 28 August 2020
68/202025 Fedora Street, Inverell NSW 2360
Dual Occupancy (detached).
Determination DA-68/2020
Issued: 21 August 2020
84/2020362 Wiltshire Road, Gum Flat NSW 2360
Farm shed.
Determination DA-84/2020
Issued: 20 August 2020
87/202078 Lawrence Street, Inverell NSW 2360
Determination DA-87/2020
Issued: 17 August 2020
61/202069 Vivian Street, Inverell NSW 2360
Alterations and additions to old boys boarding
house to accommodate 3 residential apartments
to be used of long and short term accommodation.
Construction of a 3 Bay garage with domestic
laundry, construction of car parking.
Determination DA-61/2020
Issued: 13 August 2020
88/20204004 Bundarra Road, Inverell NSW 2360
Determination DA-88/2020
Issued: 6 August 2020
89/2020145 Otho Street, Inverell NSW 2360
Change of use to food premises
Determination DA-89/2020
Issued: 3 August 2020
86/202030 King St, Inverell NSW 2360
New shed.
Determination DA-86/2020
Issued: 3 August 2020
85/20203 Max Place, Inverell NSW 2360
New dwelling and shed.
Determination DA-85/2020
Issued: 3 August 2020
82/202048 Froude Street, Inverell NSW 2360
Additions to dwelling.
Determination DA-82/2020
Issued: 3 August 2020
80/2020479 Old Bundarra Road, Inverell NSW 2360
New dwelling.
Determination DA-80/2020
Issued: 3 August 2020
69/202017-19 Auburn Vale Road, Inverell NSW 2360
Determination DA-69/2020
Issued: 3 August 2020
67/2020496 Yetman Road, Inverell NSW 2360
Determination DA 67/2020
Issued: 3 August 2020
55/20206 Anderson Street, Inverell NSW 2360
Construct Dual Occupancy (Detached) on
Proposed Lot 2 of DA -26/2017.
Determination DA-55/2020
Issued: 3 August 2020
77/202074 Oswald St, Inverell NSW 2360
Construct new shed and skillions.
Determination DA-77/2020
Issued: 29 July 2020
71/202013420 Guyra Road, Tingha NSW 2369
Alterations and additions to existing cellar door premises.
Determination DA-71/2020
Issued: 28 July 2020
74/202092 Auburn Vale Road, Inverell NSW 2360
Determination DA-74/2020
Issued: 22 July 2020
73/20204 Max Place, Inverell NSW 2360
New dwelling.
Determination DA-73/2020
Issued: 22 July 2020
59/2020109 Otho Street, Inverell NSW 2360
Crown Development Application for the construction
of a new Police Station Building, ancillary works,
associated usage and signage.
Determination DA-59/2020
Issued: 22 July 2020
72/202054 Kookaburra Lane, Inverell NSW 2360
New Shed.
Determination DA-72/2020
Issued: 17 July 2020
119/2012-A39 Warialda Road, Inverell NSW 2360
Change of Hours of Operation.
(Amendment - 30 October 2012)

Issued: 16 July 2020
83/202018-20 Andrew Street, Inverell NSW 2360
New shed.
Determination DA-83/2020
Issued: 15 July 2020
70/2020170 Otho Street, Inverell NSW 2360
Install signage and framework on awning roof.
Determination DA-70/2020
Issued: 14 July 2020
76/20201 Hall Street, Gilgai NSW 2360
Additions of toilet block for accessible toilet.
Determination DA-76/2020
Issued: 8 July 2020
66/202014/47 Mulligan Street, Inverell NSW 2360
New dwelling.
Determination DA-66/2020
Issued: 3 July 2020
65/2020101-121 Byron Street, Inverell NSW 2360
Install signage & relocation of heritage display
Determination DA-65/2020
Issued: 25 June 2020
62/202014 Brae Street Inverell NSW 2360
Demolish carport & construct new shed.
Determination DA-62/2020
Issued: 25 June 2020
63/202064 Ruby Street, Tingha NSW 2369
Install two 5 and 6 meter long grandstands
with roof on concrete slabs.
Determination DA-63/2020
Issued: 22 June 2020
60/202011 Sunnyside Place, Inverell NSW 2360
New shed.
Determination DA-60/2020
Issued: 17 June 2020
54/2020Yetman Road and Bolands Lane, Inverell NSW 2360
Determination DA-54/2020
Issued: 17 June 2020
52/20204326 Bundarra Road, Inverell NSW 2360
Construct dwelling & shed.
Determination DA-52/2020
Issued: 17 June 2020
51/202089 Prince Terrace, Inverell NSW 2360
Subdivision - Boundary Adjustment.
Determination DA-51/2020
Issued: 17 June 2020
50/202082 Lake Inverell Drive, Inverell NSW 2360
Construct dwelling, shed, swimming pool and
tennis court.
Determination DA-50/2020
Issued: 17 June 2020
25/202030-34 Campbell Street, Inverell NSW 2360
Redevelopment of storage space into an
additional room for Kindimindi Pre School.
Determination DA-25/2020
Issued: 10 June 2020
56/202017 Warialda Road, Inverell NSW 2360
Demolish existing shed & construct new shed.
Determination DA-56/2020
Issued: 12 June 2020
58/20207307 Gwydir Highway, Inverell NSW 2360
Fire services upgrade.
Determination DA-58/2020
Issued: 5 June 2020
49/202068 George Street, Inverell NSW 2360
Demolition of shed and construction of new
Determination DA-49/2020
Issued: 5 June 2020
46/202030 Albion Flat Rd, Tingha NSW 2369
Demolish existing dwelling & construct new
Determination DA-46/2020
Issued: 3 June 2020
41/2020172 Ashford Road, Inverell NSW 2360
Construction of Washbay. Install Amenities
Building and Install Additional Staff Room.
Use of Shipping Container.
Determination DA-41/2020
Issued: 3 June 2020
47/202070 Bimbadeen Drive, Inverell NSW 2360
New dwelling and shed.
Determination DA-47/2020
Issued: 2 June 2020
42/202076 Dog Trap Lane, Inverell NSW 2360
Carport and patio addition to dwelling and
construct ramp.
Determination DA-42/2020
Issued: 2 June 2020
48/202018 High Street, Inverell NSW 2360
Alterations and additions to dwelling.
Determination DA-48/2020
Issued: 1 June 2020
45/202019 Gilchrist St, Inverell NSW 2360
Alterations & additions to dwelling.
Determination DA-45/2020
Issued: 22 May 2020
53/2020Bimbadeen Dr, Inverell NSW 2360
New shed.
Determination DA-53/2020
Issued: 19 May 2020
40/202030 Mather St, Inverell NSW 2360
Carport addition.
Determination DA-40/2020
Issued: 13 May 2020
44/20201181 Elsmore Rd, Elsmore NSW 2360
Shade structure.
Determination DA-44/2020
Issued: 8 May 2020
27/20202 & 4 Max Place, Inverell NSW 2360
Subdivision and semi detached dwelling.
Determination DA-27/2020
Issued: 8 May 2020
38/20204188 Gwydir Hwy, Elsmore NSW 2360
Additions to existing industry premise.
(Sign Manufacturing)
Determination DA-38/2020
Issued: 6 May 2020
37/202035 George St, Inverell NSW 2360
Subdivision of two dwelling (approved detached
dual occupancy) onto separate allotments.
Determination DA-37/2020
Issued: 22 April 2020
36/20203735 Bingara Road, Delungra NSW 2403
Demolition of existing dwelling and construction
of new dwelling.
Determination DA-36/2020
Issued: 21 April 2020
29/2020134 Brae St, Inverell NSW 2360
Determination DA-29/2020
Issued: 20 April 2020
23/202021 Howard St, Inverell NSW 2360
One (1) into three (3) lot subdivision, construction
of single dwelling, construction of demi - detached
dwellings (duplex).
Determination DA-23/2020
Issued: 16 April 2020
34/202046 Caloola Dr, Inverell NSW 2360
Enclose existing patio with glass & half walls.
Determination DA-34/2020
Issued: 14 April 2020
33/2020147 Otho St, Inverell NSW 2360
Installation of solar panels.
Determination DA-33/2020
Issued: 14 April 2020
31/20209B McBrides Ln, Inverell NSW 2360
Addition to shed.
Determination DA-31/2020
Issued: 3 April 2020
32/2020453 Rifle Range Road, Inverell NSW 2360
New dwelling.
Determination DA-32/2020
Issued: 1 April 2020
30/2020457 Rifle Range Road, Inverell NSW 2360
Dwelling and shed.
Determination DA-30/2020
Issued: 1 April 2020
9 Masons Ln, Inverell NSW 2360
Construct dwelling and shed (temporary
occupation) subdivision.
Determination DA-57/2017-A
Issued: 26 March 2020
35 Elsmore Common Rd, Elsmore NSW 2360
Additions to dwelling & shed (modification
to shed).
Determination DA-114/2015-A
Issued: 24 March 2020
28/202093 Lawrence St, Inverell NSW 2360
Use of dwelling for Group Home.
Determination DA-28/2020
Issued: 26 March 2020
199 Old Bundarra Rd, Inverell NSW 2360
Construct new shed.
Determination DA-119/2019-A
Issued: 18 March 2020
139/201961-67 Otho St, Inverell NSW 2360
Alterations/Additions to Oxford Hotel.
Determination DA-139/2019
Issued: 16 March 2020
26/2020164 Ashford Rd, Inverell NSW 2360
Change of Use: Vehicle Repair Station.
Determination DA-26/2020
Issued: 13 March 2020
18/202095 Copeton Dam Rd, Inverell NSW 2360
Install swimming pool & spa.
Determination DA-18/2020
Issued: 12 March 2020
21/202010 Tingha Rd, Inverell NSW 2360
Demolition of existing amenities building and
concrete stepped seating. Construction of new
amenities building and relocatable steel seating.
Determination DA-21/2020
Issued: 11 March 2020
16/202012 May St, Inverell NSW 2360
Construct deck & front portico.
Determination DA-16/2020
Issued: 6 March 2020
12/20207 Max Place, Inverell NSW 2360
Dual Occupancy.
Determination DA-12/2020
Issued: 6 March 2020
24/202015/47 Mulligan St, Inverell NSW 2360
Construct dwelling.

Issued: 3 March 2020
19/202034 Harland St ,Inverell NSW 2360
Construct a carport for storage of a caravan.
Determination DA-19/2020
Issued: 3 March 2020
17/202028 Inverell St, Delungra NSW 2403
Demolish shed & construct replacement shed.
Determination DA-17/2020
Issued: 3 March 2020
22/2020117B Moore St, Inverell NSW 2360
New shed.

Issued: 28 February 2020
13/202073 Gillespies Ln, Inverell NSW 2360
New shed.

Issued: 21 February 2020
7/202035 Bennett St, Inverell NSW 2360
New dwelling & shed.

Issued: 21 February 2020
2/2020190 Evans St, Inverell NSW 2360
New shed, earthworks & fencing.

Issued: 21 February 2020
20/20202 Swanbrook Rd, Inverell NSW 2360
Change of Use: Recreation Facility (Indoor).

Issued: 19 February 2020
5/20202 Leonard St, Inverell NSW 2360
Convert garage to studio.
Determination DA-5/2020
Issued: 19 February 2020
11/202055 Prince St, Inverell NSW 2360
New shed.

Issued: 18 February 2020
14/202038 Dog Trap Ln, Inverell NSW 2360
Determination DA-14/2020
Issued: 14 February 2020
8/20209 Clive St, Inverell NSW 2360
Install Swimming Pool.

Issued: 14 February 2020
9/202065 Clinton Ln, Inverell NSW 2360
Alterations & additions to dwelling.
Determination DA-9/2020
Issued: 12 February 2020
10/202074/78 Vernon St, Inverell NSW 2360
New shed.

Issued: 10 February 2020
6/2020261 Ponds Rd, Gilgai NSW 2360

Issued: 28 January 2020
4/202034 Wood St, Gilgai NSW 2360
Construct new shed. Relocate carport to the
rear of the dwelling.

Issued: 28 January 2020
1/202074-78 Vernon St, Inverell NSW 2360
Addition to shed.

Issued: 22 January 2020
111/2019143-147 Byron St, Inverell NSW 2360
Demolition of Existing Commercial Buildings
and Construction of Two - Storey Mixed Use Premises.

Issued: 17 January 2020
3/2020190 Evans St, Inverell NSW 2360
Change of use: Storage shed to local
distribution premises.

Issued: 16 January 2020
137/2019124 Trafalgar Ln, Inverell NSW 2360
Dwelling & shed.

Issued: 10 January 2020
129/20193 Brownleigh Vale Dr, Inverell NSW 2360
New dwelling.

Issued: 7 January 2020
145 Roscrae Ln, Inverell NSW 2360
Earthworks, including retaining walls.

Issued: 7 January 2020

2019 Determinations

DA No.Determination DateDescriptionAddressDetermination
128/201931 DecemberShed40 Mackie Ln, InverellDetermination DA-128/2019
135/201923 DecemberConstruct Shed and Install Shipping Container235 Old Bundarra Rd, InverellDetermination DA-135/2019
133/201918 DecemberConstruct dwelling & shed, temporary occupation of shed634 Elsmore Rd, ElsmoreDetermination DA-133/2019
127/201917 DecemberCarport11 Prince St, InverellDetermination DA-127/2019
126/201917 DecemberDwelling700 Old Bundarra Rd, InverellDetermination DA-126/2019
136/201916 DecemberBoundary adjustment & consolidation68-76 Evans St
64 Evans St, Inverell
Determination DA-136/2019
123/201916 DecemberConstruct carport5 Libaini Cl, InverellDetermination DA-123/2019
121/201916 DecemberConstruct horse stables174 Swanbrook Rd, InverellDetermination DA-121/2019
132/201913 DecemberGymnasium/Squash Courts to Dwelling6B Brewery St, InverellDetermination DA-132/2019
134/201912 DecemberRelocation of New England Hunting18/22 Glen Innes Rd, InverellDetermination DA-134/2019
125/201912 DecemberShed475 Fernhill Rd, InverellDetermination DA-125/2019
131/201911 DecemberDemolition of Structures21 Howard St, InverellDetermination DA-131/2019
130/201911 DecemberStrata Subdivision26 Kingfisher Dr, InverellDetermination
124/201910 DecemberConstruct Deck & Skillion Roof41 Brae St, InverellDetermination DA-124/2019
120/201910 DecemberDemolition of shed & construction of replacement shed4 Andrew St, InverellDetermination DA-120/2019
119/201910 DecemberConstruct new shed199 Old Bundarra Rd, InverellDetermination DA-119/2019
108/201925 NovemberUse of unauthorised alterations and additions to existing dwelling & studio/garage. Change of use of studio/garage approved under DA-140/2012/A into a dwelling- house, resulting in a dual occupancy (detached).6E Brewery St, InverellDetermination DA-108/2019
122/201928 NovemberDemolition of Structures11 Warialda Rd, InverellDetermination DA-122/2019
105/201927 NovemberDual occupancy20 Brown St, InverellDetermination DA-105/2019
118/201922 NovemberDecks49 Lang St, InverellDetermination DA-118/2019
115/201922 NovemberUse of Works Without Consent (Deck)20 Gordon St, InverellDetermination DA-115/2019
106/201922 NovemberEarthworks & retaining
14 Stainfield Dr, InverellDetermination DA-106/2019
83/201919 NovemberAwning addition used or
storage to existing shed
18 Swanbrook Rd InverellDetermination DA-83/2019
117/201915 NovemberSign22-30 Wood St, InverellDetermination DA-117/2019
116/201915 NovemberDwelling205 Nullamanna Rd, InverellDetermination DA-116/2019
114/201915 NovemberSubdivision Duplex37 Mulligan St, InverellDetermination DA-114/2019
113/201915 NovemberShade structure & sign94 Vivian Street, Inverell Determination DA-113/2019
110/201914 NovemberAdditions to dwelling &
new shed
13 Girle St, InverellDetermination DA-110/2019
109/20197 NovemberDwelling16 Stainfield Dr, InverellDetermination DA-109/2019
103/201928 OctoberDemolish existing shed & construct new shed43 Rose St, InverellDetermination DA-103/2019
104/201923 OctoberNew dwelling12 White Box Pl, InverellDetermination DA-104/2019
107/201922 OctoberEnlarge Existing Tenancy101-121 Byron St, InverellDetermination
101/201919 OctoberCarport48 George St, InverellDetermination DA-101/2019
84/201918 OctoberFit out of Food Premises101-121 Byron St, InverellDetermination DA-84/2019
99/201917 OctoberFarm shed390 Auburn Vale Rd, InverellDetermination DA-99/2019
98/201917 OctoberAlterations & additions
to dwelling
383 Elsmore Rd, Brodies PlainsDetermination DA-98/2019
74/201916 October
* Determined by JRP
Redevelopment of Inverell Police Station109 Otho St, InverellDetermination DA-74/2019
81/201915 OctoberCommunity Facility (Inverell Community Youth Centre) and Boundary Adjustment16/18 Vivian St, InverelDetermination DA-81/2019
73/201911 OctoberUse of unauthorised alterations
& additions to shed. Change
of use of the shed to a dwelling,
resulting in a dual occupancy
(detached). Alterations &
additions to the dwelling,
including installation of a
privacy screen.
301 Fernhill Rd, InverellDetermination DA-73/2019
102/20199 OctoberDemolition of dwelling & structuresPart 245 Ashford Rd, InverellDetermination DA-102/2019
100/20199 OctoberDwelling & shed14 White Box Pl, InverellDetermination DA-100/2019
97/20198 OctoberDemolition of all structures103 Mansfield St InverellDetermination DA-97/2019
95/20198 OctoberChange of use - storage
premises to an industrial
(general industrial) premises
and business identification sign.
27 Brissett St, InverellDetermination DA-95/2019
89/20191 OctoberDwelling & shedFullers Lane InverellDetermination DA-89/2019
93/201925 SeptemberReplace exisiting inground pool3 Davey St, InverellDetermination DA-93/2019
92/201925 SeptemberRemove existing pool & install new ingound pool 48 Brae St, Inverell Determination DA-92/2019
91/201925 SeptemberShed82 Gordon St, InverellDetermination DA-91/2019
90/201925 SeptemberDemolition - linking structure between convent and boys boarding house, redundant
external stairs and rear single
story detention
69 Vivian St, InverellDetermination DA-90/2019
88/201923 SeptemberCarport96 Chester St, InverellDetermination
86/201918 SeptemberNew shed101 Ross St, InverellDetermination DA-86/2019
85/201912 SeptemberDemolish existing shed &
construct new shed
80 Wood St, InverellDetermination
82/201929 AugustAlterations / additions to
37 Staggs Ln, InverellDetermination DA-82/2019
65/201928 AugustFour (4) Lot Subdivision24 Church St, GilgaiDetermination DA-65/2019
78/201923 AugustDeck9 Bertha St, InverellDetermination DA-78/2019
102/2011-D20 August
*Originally approved 7/03/2011
Motor Showroom172 Ashford Rd, InverellDetermination DA-102/2011-D
76/201919 AugustAlterations & additions51 King St, InverellDetermination DA-76/2019
80/201913 AugustNew shed17 Racecourse Rd, TinghaDetermination
77/201912 AugustAlterations & additions to
the Lounge Area of the
Existing Bowling Club
35 Glen Innes Rd, InverellDetermination DA-77/2019
75/20192 AugustDemolition of dwelling35 Bennett St, InverellDetermination DA-75/2019
63/20191 AugustSubdivision238 Swanbrook Rd InverellDetermination DA-63/2019
71/201931 JulyDwelling647 Mount Russell Rd, Mount Russell Determination DA-71/2019
69/201931 JulyNew verandah7 Hindmarsh St, InverellDetermination DA-69/2019
67/201930 JulyNew shed25 Short St, GilgaiDetermination DA-67/2019
72/201929 JulyDemolish dwelling & construct new dwelling2090 Nullamanna Rd, NullamannaDetermination DA-72/2019
52/201926 JulyChange of Use - 10A Non
Habitable Structure to 10A
Habitable Structure
114 Houghs Ln, Gum FlatDetermination DA-52/2019
111/2016-B24 July
*Amendment. Originally approved 01/09/2016
Alterations & additions to dwelling, new shed, install
pool. Modification to layout
and carport
56 Granville St, InverellDetermination DA-111/2016-B
57/201924 JulyOne into two lot subdivision. Single dwelling use only on proposed lot 2 fronting Davey
43 Brae St, InverellDetermination DA-57/2019
29/201924 JulyConcept Development Application Construction of a dwelling124 Tafalgar Ln, Gum FlatDetermination DA-29/2019
164/2015-A24 July
*Amendment. Originally approved 9/11/2015
Update premises use - Skin Penetration 96 Otho St, InverellDetermination DA-164/2015-A
70/201923 July 31 Shorts Rd, TinghaReplace shedDetermination DA-70/2019
68/2019 23 JulyAdditions to Bonshaw Hall - Construct new toilet block3 Miller St, BonshawDetermination 68/2019
64/201919 JulyCarport 2A Lake Inverell Dr, InverellDetermination DA-64/2019
62/201919 JulyRSM Motel - Construct new managers residence above the
reception, refit existing managers residence into two motel units
and additions to the motel
58-62 Evans St, InverellDetermination DA-62/2019
59/201919 July Construction and operation of
cattle yards and holding pens
for the purpose of undertaking artificial insemination and associated treatment for
production of Wagyu based
cattle (Animal Boarding or
Training Establishment)
939 Pukawidgi Rd, BukkullaDetermination DA-59/2019
66/201915 JulyCarport42 George St, InverellDetermination DA-66/2019
61/201912 JulyNew dwelling119 Auburn Vale Rd, InverellDetermination DA-61/2019
58/20192 JulyConstruct carport2 Allambie Cres, InverellDetermination DA-58/2019
50/20192 JulyAlterations & additions to
20 Jack St, InverellDetermination DA-50/2019
55/201928 JuneNew shed8 Oakland Ln, InverellDetermination DA-55/2019
53/201924 JuneReplace carport8 Victoria St, InverellDetermination DA-53/2019
46/201924 JunePartial use for car restoration & sales2 Ring St, InverellDetermination
54/201921 JuneCarport103 Ross St, InverelDetermination DA-54/2019
60/201919 JuneFitout Tenancy101-121 Byron St, InverellDetermination
56/201918 JuneConstruct new shed464 Old Mill Rd, Old MillDetermination DA-56/2019
47/201918 JuneRepair of caravans, boats and power equipment, Sale of boats and power equipment and LPG Gas bottle exchange219-225 Byron St, InverellDetermination DA-47/2019
58/2017-A16 June 20117Subdivision
1 Moore St, InverellDetermination DA-58/2017-A
48/201912 JuneChange of Use, Cosmetic Tatooing79-81 Otho St, InverellDetermination DA-48/2019
41/201911 JuneAlterations and Additions to Dwelling30 King St, InverellDetermination DA-41/2019
32/20197 JuneNew industrial building27 Brissett St, InverellDetermination DA-32/2019
51/20196 JuneCarport15 Angorra Cl, InverellDetermination DA-51/2019
45/20195 JuneDemolition17-19 Auburn Vale Rd, InverellDetermination DA-45/2019
44/20195 JuneStudio271 Ponds Rd, GilgaiDetermination DA-44/2019
43/20195 JuneConstruct carport7 Tulare Cres, InverellDetermination DA-43/2019
42/20194 JuneSubdivision103 Henderson St, InverellDetermination DA-42/2019
38/20193 JuneConstruction of new shed & 1.8 metre security fence7 Wyndham St, InverellDetermination DA-38/2019
35/20193 JuneNew farm shed1023 Mount Russell Rd, Mount RussellDetermination DA-35/2019
98/201831 MayConstruction of Waste Transfer Station262 Campbell Rd, BonshawDetermination DA-98/2018
37/201927 MaySapphire City Caravan Park - 9 Additional Short Term Site93-103 Moore St, InverellDetermination DA-37/2019
26/201922 MayNew Colorbond fence6375 Gwydir Hwy, InverellDetermination DA-26/2019
23/201922 MayDemolition, Construction of Dwelling, Construction of Dual Occupancy (Attached) & Subdivision63 Granville St, InverellDetermination DA-23/2019
40/201920 MayNew Dwelling17/47 Mulligan St, InverellDetermination DA-40/2019
39/201920 MayNew dwelling16/47 Mulligan St, InverellDetermination DA-39/2019
33/20191 May New shed69 George St, InverellDetermination DA-33/2019
36/20197 MayAdditions to dwelling665 Copeton Dam Rd, Gum FlatDetermination DA-36/2019
34/20191 MayAwning over existing patio32 Lewin St, Inverell Determination DA-34/2019
31/201930 AprilInstall in-ground pool39 Boland Ln, InverellDetermination DA-31/2019
30/201930 AprilNew dwelling365 Fernhill Rd, InverellDetermination
27/201916 AprilNew shed44 Warialda Rd, InverellDetermination DA-27/2019
25/201916 AprilCarport addition to existing shed12 Addison Rd, InverellDetermination DA-25/2019
49/2018-A10 April
* Amendment. originally approved 23/05/2018
Additional Use of Building
for Takeaway Food and
Drink, Signage, Shopfront Alterations, Removal
of Rear Sheds and Installation of Rear
43 Otho St, InverellDetermination DA-49/2018-A
28/20198 AprilInstall accessible toilet140 Byron St, InverellDetermination DA-28/2019
22/20192 AprilTelecommunications
77 Inverness Rd, Swan ValeDetermination DA-22/2019
10/201922 MarchOne into Two Lot subdivision10C Swanbrook Rd, InverellDetermination DA-10/2019
24/201920 MarchAlterations & additions - enclose verandah104 Runnymede Dr, InverellDetermination DA-24/2019
20/201920 MarchAdditional Infrastructure - Mountain Bike Park4004 Bundarra Rd, InverellDetermination DA-20/2019
21/201912 MarchAlterations / additions to dwelling49 Goonoowigall Rd, InverellDetermination DA-21/2019
19/201912 MarchNew shed301 Fernhill Rd, InverellDetermination DA-19/2019
17/201912 MarchIndustrial Subdivision69 Rifle Range Rd, InverelDetermination DA-17/2019
16/20194 MarchConstruct dwelling,
shed & swimming pool
9A McBrides Ln, InverellDetermination DA-16/2019
14/20191 MarchNew shed6170 Gwydir Hwy, InverellDetermination DA-14/2019
143/201828 FebruaryMedical Centre & Offices3 Rivers St, InverellDetermination DA-143/2018
7/201922 FebruaryInstall in-ground fiberglass swimming pool & associated fencing37 Palaroo Ln, InverellDetermination DA-7/2019
139/201822 FebruarySelf storage units20 Marsh St, GilgaiDetermination DA-139/2018
70/2016-A22 February
*Amendment. Originally approved 24/06/2016
Dwelling, swimming pool
& granny flat.
372 Fernhill Rd, InverellDetermination DA-70/2016-A
15/201921 FebruaryDwelling24 Bannockburn Rd, InverellDetermination DA-15/2019
18/201920 February Alterations and additions to former convent building including access, window replacements, removal and replacement of shingles and replacement of guttering and down pipes69 Vivian St, InverellDetermination DA-18/2019
150/201820 FebruaryProposed redevelopment
of existing masonic hall
166 Otho St, InverellDetermination DA-150/2018
13/201920 FebruaryBoundary
2140 Copeton Dam Rd, CopetonDetermination DA-13/2019
12/201920 FebruaryAlterations & additions
to building
5 Andrew St, InverellDetermination DA-12/2019
5/201919 FebruaryAlterations & additions
to dwelling
5 Allambie Cres, InverellDetermination DA-5/2019
9/201915 FebruaryStablesCameron St, InverellDetermination DA-9/2019
11/201912 FebruaryShed addition & carport42 Dog Trap Ln, InverellDetermination DA-11/2019
1/201912 FebruaryAlterations & additions to Tennis Club115 Evans St, Inverell Determination
79/2014-A12 FebruaryBoundary adjustment
& consolidation
793 Copeton Dam Rd, Gum FlatDetermination DA-79/2014-A
6/201911 FebruaryNew Shed13 Queen St, InverellDetermination DA-6/2019
4/20198 FebruaryUse of shipping
235 Old Bundarra Rd, InverellDetermination DA-4/2019
151/20185 FebruaryExtractive Industry2816 Kings Plains Rd, SapphireDetermination DA-151/2018
3/20195 FebruaryShed15088 Guyra Rd, GilgaiDetermination DA-3/2019
8/201930 JanuaryEarthworks9A McBrides Ln, InverellDetermination 8/2019
155/201830 JanuaryDemolish building150 Glen Innes Rd, InverellDetermination DA-155/2018
161/201817 JanuaryConstruct addition
to shed
48 Hampton Ct, InverellDetermination DA-161/2018
159/201814 JanuaryShed90 Lawrence St, InverellDetermination DA-159/2018
2/201911 JanuaryNew shed69 Boland Ln, InverellDetermination
168/201810 JanuaryChange of use and fit out23 Lawrence St, InverellDetermination DA-168/2018
167/20189 JanuaryCarport97 George St, InverellDetermination DA-167/2018
166/20189 JanuaryDemolition of existing
sheds & construction
of new shed
383 Elsmore Rd, Brodies PlainsDetermination DA-166/2018
154/20188 JanuaryStorage shed15 Oliver St, InverellDetermination
164/20182 JanuaryRemoval of dewlling.
Demolition of shed and construction of a new
4303 Bundarra Rd, InverellDetermination

2018 Determinations

DA No.Determination DateDescriptionAddressDetermination
160/201821 DecemberDwelling & shed633 Yetman Rd, InverellDetermination DA-160/2018
163/201818 DecemberSign70-92 Brae St, InverellDetermination DA-163/2018
165/201817 DecemberUse of Skillion Roofs129 Bonshaw Rd, AshfordDetermination DA-165/2018
162/201817 DecemberAlterations & additions12 Brae St, InverellDetermination DA-162/2018
145/201814 DecemberInstall two manufactured villas93-103 Moore St, InverellDetermination DA-145/2018
153/201813 DecemberNew dwelling347 Mount Russell Rd, Mount RussellDetermination DA-153/2018
126/201812 DecemberAlterations & additions to Land Council building25 Albury St, AshfordDetermination DA-126/2018
22/2010-A 12 DecemberNew dwelling, swimming pool & access
* Amendment - Originally approved 21/04/2010
8075 Gwydir Hwy, Little PlainDetermination DA-22/2010-A
146/20185 DecemberCarport45 Froude St, InverellDetermination DA-146/2018
158/201829 NovemberDemolition of front
office building
107 Old Bundarra Rd, InverellDetermination DA-158/2018
157/201829 November
Boundary adjustment146 Evans St, InverellDetermination DA-157/2018
148/201828 NovemberNew dwelling & shed2160 Kings Plains Rd, SapphireDetermination DA-148/2018
115/2017-A28 NovemberDwelling & shed
* Amendment - Originally approved 13/11/2017
Oakland Ln, InverellDetermination DA-115/2017-A
149/201821 NovemberShed5 Chisholm St, InverellDetermination DA-149/2018
147/201820 NovemberShed119 Auburn Vale Rd, InverellDetermination DA-147/2018
142/201820 NovemberNew dwelling240 Halls Ln, BukkullaDetermination DA-142/2018
81/2015-A20 NovemberBeauty Salon
* Amendment - Originally approved 15/5/2015
223 Otho St, InverellDetermination DA-81/2015-A
144/201819 NovemberConstruct new dwelling & shedFullers Ln, InverellDetermination DA-144/2018
111/2016-A19 NovemberAlterations & additions to dwelling, new shed & install pool
* Amendment - Originally approved 01/09/2016
56 Granville St, InverellDetermination DA-111/2016-A
132/201816 NovemberVerandah61-67 Otho St, InverellDetermination DA-32/2018
138/201815 November Construct bathroom in garage32 Queens Tce, InverellDetermination DA-138/2018
137/201815 November Demolition of building24 Bannockburn Rd, InverellDetermination DA-137/2018
141/201812 NovemberEarthworks145 Roscrae Ln, InverellDetermination DA-141/2018
140/201812 NovemberInstall above ground pool11 Wolbah Cl, InverellDetermination DA-140/2018
136/20189 NovemberConstruct above ground pool & deck63 Caloola Dr, InverellDetermination DA-136/2018
9 NovemberUse of dwelling for group
30 Granville St, InverellDetermination DA-135/2018
134/201831 OctoberConcrete slab197 Byron St, InverellDetermination DA-134/2018
133/20188 NovemberAdditions to dwelling7 Campbell St, InverellDetermination DA-133/2018
131/201831 OctoberPool100 Andersons Ln,
Determination DA-131/2018
125/201831 OctoberAlterations & additions to
39 George St, InverellDetermination DA-125/2018
128/201825 OctoberExtend Patio370A Old Bundarra Rd, InverellDetermination DA-128/2018
129/201822 OctoberShed148 Evans St, InverellDetermination DA-129/2018
112/201818 OctoberSubdivision9 Albert St, InverellDetermination DA-112/2018
122/201816 OctoberNew Carport20 Caloola Dr, InverellDetermination DA-122/2018
130/201815 OctoberDwelling6388 Warialda Rd, InverellDetermination DA-130/2018
127/201815 OctoberConstruct new dwelling38 Dog Trap Ln, InverellDetermination DA-127/2018
99/2015-A15 OctoberNew Dwelling & shed
* Amendment - Originally approved 29/07/2015
100 Andersons Ln, OakwoodDetermination DA-99/2015-A
112/2016-A15 October
Granny Flat
* Amendment - Originally approved 2/08/2016
100 Andersons Ln, OakwoodDetermination DA-112/2016-A
124/201815 OctoberConstruct New Shed21 Alsace Rd, InverellDetermination DA-124/2018
123/201812 OctoberChange Use - Skin Penetration (Beauty Salon92 Otho St, InverellDetermination DA-123/2018
19/2018-A12 October
New Dwelling -
Dual Occupancy (Detached)
& New Shed
* Amendment - Originally approved 8/05/2018
8 Brewery St, Inverell.Determination DA-19/2018-A
121/201810 OctoberShed9 Box Tree Pl, InverellDetermination DA-121/2018
119/201810 OctoberAlterations & additions to
29 Lang St, InverellDetermination DA-119/2018
115/20184 OctoberInstall signage108-110 Warialda Rd, InverellDetermination DA-115/2018
120/201828 SeptemberMovable Dwelling - Dual Occupancy Detached - Roof Canopy Off Shed21 Harland St, InverellDetermination DA-120/2018
117/201828 SeptemberAlterations & additions123 Byron St, InverellDetermination DA-117/2018
116/201828 SeptemberConstruct carport &
93 Short St, InverellDetermination DA-116/2018
114/201827 SeptemberConstruction of New Shed14 MacIntyre St, InverellDetermination DA-114/2018
110/201827 SeptemberRemove & replace two
21 Glen Innes Rd, InverellDetermination DA-110/2018
111/201825 SeptemberConstruct Farm Shed4188 Gwydir Hwy, ElsmoreDetermination DA-111/2018
21/201825 SeptemberDwelling26 William St, InverellDetermination DA-21/2018
108/2017-A24 SeptemberMulti Dwelling Housing, Modification - Strata
160-162 Glen Innes Rd, InverellDetermination DA-108/2017-A
109/201821 SeptemberReplace Existing Shed4303 Bundarra Rd, InverellDetermination DA-109/2018
107/201821 SeptemberConstruct New Shed389 Auburn Vale Rd, InverellDetermination DA-107/2018
37/2018-A21 SeptemberConstruct New Dwelling,
Shed & Pool
4326 Bundarra Rd, InverellDetermination DA-37/2018-A
105/201821 SeptemberAdditions to Shed34 Dog Trap Ln, InverellDetermination DA-105/2018
113/201820 SeptemberConstruct New Dwelling &
Old Bundarra Rd, InverellDetermination DA-113/2018
101/201819 SeptemberSubdivision271 Old Bundarra Rd, InverellDetermination DA-101/2018
100/201819 SeptemberDemolish Old Shed &
Construct New Shed
3 Mulligan St, Inverell
Determination DA-100/2018
104/201817 SeptemberConstruct Addition to
3626 Bundarra Rd, GilgaiDetermination DA-104/2018
97/201817 SeptemberConstruction of Shed240 Halls Ln, BukkullaDetermination DA-97/2018
96/201817 SeptemberConstruct New Dwelling16 White Box Pl, InverellDetermination DA-96/2018
108/201813 SeptemberAlterations & Additions to Dwelling8428 Gwydir Hwy, Little PlainDetermination DA-108/2018
103/201812 SeptemberAlterations & Additions to Dwelling22 Burnett St, DelungraDetermination DA-103/2018
106/20186 SeptemberAdditions to Dwelling42 Roseneath Ln, Brodies PlainsDetermination
102/20185 SeptemberNew Dwelling62 Oswald St, InverellDetermination DA-102/2018
95/201824 AugustAlterations to Outdoor
35 Glen Innes Rd, InverellDetermination DA-95/2018
89/201824 August

New Commercial Building53 Vivian St, InverellDetermination DA-89/2018
88/201824 AugustAlterations & Additions to Dwelling, Shed &
Construct Carport
28 King St, InverellDetermination DA-88/2018
38/2018 24 AugustConstruction of double story duplex50 Lewin St, InverellDetermination DA-38/2018
87/201821 AugustCarport100 Bannockburn Rd, InverellDetermination DA-87/2018
93/201820 AugustInstallation of Manufactured Home from Short Term24 Duff St, AshfordDetermination DA-93/2018
86/201816 AugustCarport15 Zircon St, InverellDetermination DA-86/2018
94/201814 AugustUse of Garage, Outdoor Entertainment Area &
Dwelling Lower Floor
54 Gordon St, InverellDetermination DA-94/2018
92/201814 AugustShipping containers78 Chester St, InverellDetermination DA-92/2018
90/201814 AugustConstruct walls either side
of Smallbore Rifle Range
6375 Gwydir Hwy, InverellDetermination DA-90/2018
68/201813 AugustSkillion addition to Men's
10 Tingha Rd, InverellDetermination DA-68/2018
91/201810 AugustShedMcBrides Ln, InverellDetermination DA-91/2018
82/20188 AugustConstruct New Dwelling &
11 Vincent Pl, InverellDetermination DA-82/2018
64/20183 AugustSingle Dwelling Use Only700 Old Bundarra, Rd InverellDetermination
51/2015-A3 AugustConstruction of Shop Top
53-61 Byron St, InverellDetermination
85/201830 JulyEarthworks143 Roscrae Ln, InverellDetermination
83/201825 JulyDwelling527 Old Bundarra Rd, InverellDetermination
78/201825 JulyCarport 72 Urabatta St, InverellDetermination
81/201819 JulySubdivision125 Brae St, InverellDetermination
98/2002-B19 JulyErect New Dwelling, Nursery and associated signage315 Old Bundarra Rd, InverellDetermination DA-98/2002-B
84/201817 JulyConstruct Carport57 Brae St, InverellDetermination
79/201817 JulyAlteration & Additions to
1640 Copeton Dam Rd, Gum FlatDetermination
80/2018-A 11 JulyReplace Pool & Extend
29 Orchard Pl, InverellDetermination DA-80/2018-A
80/201811 JulyReplace Pool & Extend
* See amendment 80/2018-A
29 Orchard Pl, InverellDetermination
77/201810 JulyShed16 Warialda Rd, InverellDetermination
73/20184 JulyConstruction of New Storage
8-12 Brissett St, InverellDetermination
74/201820 JuneUse of Carport365 Fernhill Rd, InverellDetermination DA-74/2018
2/2018-A5 JulyRecreation Facility66 Ring St, InverellDetermination
26/2017-A18 April 2017Subdivision & new dwelling6-8 Anderson St, InverellDetermination DA-26/2017-A

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