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Lake Inverell Upgrade 2019-2020

Lake Inverell is a 6.6-hectare nature reserve located on the eastern outskirts of Inverell. The lake and its surrounds are one of Inverell’s most popular recreational spaces and also hosts a growing number of paddle sports enthusiasts. In 2020, Council completed an $886,000 project which was supported by the New South Wales Government.

The project included:

  • New walking paths
  • Boardwalk facilities to improve visibility of the lake for all abilities;
  • Kayak launch facilities and access ramp for vehicles;
  • Viewing platform;
  • Picnic facilities;
  • Information signage.

If you have plans for hosting an event at the reserve, please call us on 67288288 to discuss your plans.

Lake Inverell Upgrade - BoardwalkLake Inverell Upgrade - Kayak RampLake Inverell Upgrade - Kayak launching area accessLake Inverell Upgrade - Covered viewing platform

Last modified: 04-Jan-2021



Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:30am - 4:30pm

General Manager
PO Box 138 Inverell NSW 2360

Administration Centre

144 Otho Street
Inverell NSW 2360

Phone: (02) 6728 8288
Fax: (02) 6728 8277
ABN: 72 695 204 530