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Please visit Council’s Administration Centre (144 Otho Street, Inverell) to submit cemetery applications. Your application will be given a preliminary check for correct completion and a receipt will be issued for the payment of relevant fee’s.

Cemetery Application Forms
Application to Erect a Memorial or Headstone Form[268 KB - PDF]
Cemetery Application for Perpetual Interment Right (Reservation)[275 KB - PDF]
Inverell Shire Council 2023/2024 Fees and Charges
(Pages 24-27)
[3 MB - PDF)


Please refer to the sections below for information and conditions relating to these relevant applications:

  • Application for a Perpetual Interment Right (Reservation):

This application should be completed by an applicant that seeks to acquire a perpetual interment right at any of Council’s public cemeteries.

Perpetual Interment Right application fees must be paid in full at time of application.

Following receipt of completed application form and appropriate fees Council will issue a certificate of perpetual right to the nominated right holder/s stating all the details of the site such as row and grave number etc. Council advises that this certificate should be kept for your records.


  • Application to Erect a Memorial or Headstone:

This application should be completed by an applicant who wishes to erect a headstone or memorial on a specific grave/niche within any of Council’s public cemeteries.

  • Appropriate fees are to be paid in full at the time the application is lodged details of the headstone, such as size and the material the headstone is made of, need to be provided with the application. Headstones/Memorials in the New General Lawn Section are to be erected in accordance with Council’s Memorial Specifications
  • Following receipt of completed application form and appropriate fees Council will issue approval in writing.


Any other Cemetery Application enquires should be directed to Council’s Civil & Environmental Services Division on 02 6728 8200, Staff will assist with enquiries such as the following:

  • Transfer of Perpetual Rights (Reservations)
  • Cancellation of Perpetual Rights
  • Interment Applications
  • Confirmation of Perpetual Rights
  • Cemetery Record Enquiries (see information below also)


Burial records within the Inverell Shire are now accessible to the public via Council online Cemetery Register.

The register covers ashes interments and burials within the Inverell Shire. This register will be updated monthly with new ashes interments and burials plus any amendments/additional information received.

Please be advised that this register is a work in progress. Records are being added as they are verified with the records Council maintains. If you have any queries with the register, please contact Council’s Civil and Environmental Services Department on (02) 6728 8200.

Cemetery Maps

Locations of religions and divisions can be found within the Cemetery Maps below.

Ashford Cemetery76 Ashford Cemetery Road
Ashford NSW 2361
View Ashford Cemetery Map
Bannockburn Cemetery2146 Yetman Road
Oakwood NSW 2360
View Bannockburn Cemetery Map
Bonshaw Cemetery12 Spark Street
Bonshaw NSW 2361
Currently not available
Delungra Cemetery153 Delungra Cemetery Road
Delungra NSW 2403
View Delungra Cemetery Map
Elsmore Cemetery1113 Elsmore Road
Elsmore NSW 2360
View Elsmore Cemetery Map
Graman Cemetery3846 Yetman Road
Graman NSW 2360
View Graman Cemetery Map
Gum Flat Cemetery965 Copeton Dam Road
Gum Flat NSW 2360
View Gum Flat Cemetery Map
Inverell Cemetery245 Ashford Road
Inverell NSW 2360
View Inverell Cemetery Map
Little Plain Cemetery8371 & 8627 Gwydir Highway
Little Plain NSW 2360
View Little Plain Cemetery Map
8371 Gwydir Highway
Little Plain NSW 2360
View Little Plain New Cemetery Map
8627 Gwydir Highway
Little Plain NSW 2360
View Little Plain Old Cemetery Map
Nullamanna Cemetery1218 Nullamanna Road
Nullamanna NSW 2360
Currently not available
Tingha Cemetery21-23 Garnet Street
Tingha NSW 2369
View Tingha Cemetery Map
Wallangra Cemetery6647 Yetman Road
Wallangra NSW 2360
Currently not available
Yetman Cemetery17506 Bruxner Way
Yetman NSW 2410
View Yetman Cemetery Map

Please note that Council publications are available in Portable Document Format (PDF) and require Abobe Acrobat to open. Adobe Acrobat Reader is available from the Adobe website  Adobe Acrobat software has an embeded ‘screen reader’ which can read aloud the text in most PDF files and is available for free at

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