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The library produces a regular newsletter that includes book reviews, tips on how to use the library and information about library services and events. The newsletters are available in print at the library.

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The Library has many events dedicated for children and adults of all ages.

With weekly story-time sessions, movie screenings, our popular school holiday activities and our dedicated children and youth areas and collections there is something for everyone.

All children and their parents are welcome to participate in any of the Library events.

Our dedicated For The Kids page details information on our Baby Bounce, Storytime and School Holiday activities.

View all the Library hosted events here on our Upcoming Events page.

Please be sure to read the conditions detailed below which apply to all events organized by the Library.

Additional Information

Please be advised that food & beverages will be supplied by the Library at some of the holiday sessions. Library staff are unable to monitor what every child eats. Children with significant allergies or food intolerances who book in for these sessions should be supervised by a parent or guardian. If the child is old enough to know what foods to avoid on their own the library officer should still be advised of the issue to assist in preventing any allergy-related problems.

Supervision of 6-17 year olds

Parental supervision is not compulsory for 6-17 year olds during school holidays sessions, but it is recommended in the case of the younger children in this age bracket, or if a child is likely to become distracted or disruptive.

Library staff will do their utmost to monitor attending children, but consideration must be given to the fact that the Library is a public place, and, unlike a childcare facility, children are not locked inside.

It is expected that parents explain to their children prior to attending any of these sessions that they are not to leave the building until they are picked up by a parent or guardian.


Activities that require materials to be purchased by the library will incur a charge. 

The charge will be minimal and implemented on a cost recovery basis.



Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:30am - 4:30pm

General Manager
PO Box 138 Inverell NSW 2360

Administration Centre

144 Otho Street
Inverell NSW 2360

Phone: (02) 6728 8288
Fax: (02) 6728 8277
ABN: 72 695 204 530


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