Lake Inverell

Cod release a team effort

2 March 2020

LOCAL waterways have received an injection of native fish stock, with Council and Inverell RSM Fishing Club joining forces to release over 4,500 fingerlings over the weekend.

The three month old Murray Cod fingerlings arrived direct from the hatchery and deputy mayor Anthony Michael was on hand at Lake Inverell to assist the fishing club with the release.

“It’s incredible to see the season improve and wonderful to have a flow back in the Macintyre, which is ideal for the fingerling release”.

Cr Michael says the restocking also counteracts the loss of fish experienced during the drought.

“The RSM Fishing Club has been long-term supporters of native fish restocking and Council is pleased to be able to pool our funds with theirs and see a large-scale fish release. The NSW Government has also matched our $6,000 contribution dollar-fordollar under their Native Fish Restocking Program”.

More than 35 fishing club members turned out for the release and RSM Fishing Club president Peter Black says the fingerling releases are always very popular events, particularly for the younger members.

“Our recent Kingfisher Copeton Invitational fishing tournament which we run every February helps the club raise the funds to do fish restocking”.

“We will be releasing at ten public fishing sites today, including locations at Lake Inverell, along the Macintyre and also sites around Ashford”.

Mr Black added the club and council also plan to release Golden Perch fingerlings in May this year.

For Narrabri Fish Farm owners Rick and Sharmaine Cunningham, who supplied the fish, and were on hand for the release, the season has been a rollercoaster.

Now in their ninth year of business, Mrs Cunningham says despite a dire start to the season, recent rain has transformed it to their best year yet.

“Since Christmas, it’s the busiest we’ve ever been. After it started raining, we have had so many orders I can’t believe it”.

Mr Black says the quality of fish coming out of the Narrabri Fish Farm is excellent and he’s hopeful of strong survival rates.

At just five centimetres in length, birds and pelicans in particular are major predators for the newly released fingerlings, which are Australia’s largest freshwater fish species, growing to over one metre in length.

Image: Deputy mayor Anthony Michael joins members of Inverell RSM Fishing Club with a release of Murray Cod fingerlings at Lake Inverell

Image: Deputy mayor Anthony Michael joins members of Inverell RSM Fishing Club with a release of Murray Cod fingerlings at Lake Inverell

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