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Online Credit Card Payments

Inverell Shire Council now accepts online rate, water rate and invoice payments by credit card. Payments can be made at any time of day, conveniently from wherever you access the Internet.

Prior to proceeding locate your reference number, situated on the front of your notice. See an example of a rates notice here.

When the payment is complete, print a copy of the web receipt to record the payment transaction including lodgement number.

Paying more than one (1) notice?

Separate rates and water notices, or multiple rates or multiple water notices will require multiple payments transactions, as each reference number is unique to the payment type and property location.

By proceeding to the online credit card payment pages you hereby agree to the conditions and statements set out in the below disclaimer.

Online Credit Card Payments Disclaimer

Please read and understand this disclaimer fully before proceeding to Council’s Online Credit Card Payments page.

The use of this service is at the users own risk. The online credit card payments service is a web based service that allows you to make payments to Council via the Internet.

In initiating this service you agree to Council or its authorised agent to charge your account which allows your payment to be forwarded to Council, based on the payment instructions provided by you.

You shall remain liable for transactions you initiate through this service, and agree to the credit card service fees which apply to all payments. Details on the rate surcharge applied can be found within this Credit Card Surcharge document.

You are responsible for entering all information correctly and acknowledge that if you enter incorrect information:

  • Your bills may not be paid; and that
  • you are responsible for any fees or charges imposed by your credit card provider or to Inverell Shire Council.

Furthermore you acknowledge that;

  • Where your credit card issuer or financial institution for any reason declines a payment made by you through this online credit card payment service, those bills will not have been paid;
  • Where your payment is declined, you are responsible for any fees enforced by your credit card provider, financial institution, or to Inverell Shire Council; and
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you have sufficient funds in your nominated credit card to allow payment of the account selected by you through this online service to be successful.

All payments are processed in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Inverell Shire Council will take all reasonable and appropriate steps to protect and respect your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

For any further information or assistance, people are advised to contact Inverell Shire Council during business hours on (02) 6728 8288 or visit the Inverell Shire Council Administration Centre at 144 Otho Street, Inverell.

Last modified: 17-Apr-2020



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