Lake Inverell

Destination 5 – Services & Infrastructure

Communities are supported by sustainable services and infrastructure. Giving priority to the provision of community focused services and the maintenance, enhancement and upgrade of infrastructure.

What does it mean?

Our communities are supported and enhanced by a wide range of services and infrastructure. These services and infrastructure provide the foundation on which the community will grow. The provision of suitable services and
infrastructure will be provided through private and public partnerships. The delivery methods for services and infrastructure to the community will change as new technology and innovations occur.

Why is it important?

Residents expect a wide range of services and infrastructure to sustain their lifestyle. For a community to be sustainable and grow there must be capacity within the services and infrastructure that permits this growth. Inverell Shire needs to be well connected to the wider Australian community through the use of available technologies and effective transport infrastructure.

How will we know when we are reaching our destination?

  • Communities have access to a range of core and optional services.
  • Communities have access to a range of well maintained and appropriate infrastructure.
  • More people are using available technology to connect to the wider Australian community.
  • People have access to a variety of quality and reliable communication tools.
  • The residents will embrace energy efficiency, recycling and waste minimization.


  • Sound Local Government Administration, Governance and Financial Management are provided.
  • Council displays leadership, community engagement and collaboration with others.
  • Council provides equitable services, consistent with available resources and priorities to meet the Shire’s identified needs and preferences.
  • Council’s workforce and workplace match contemporary and emerging organisational needs and requirements.
  • Attractive and vibrant town centres, local centres and community meeting places are provided.
  • Established population centres are revitalised and people have pride in the community in which they live.
  • Provide accessible and usable recreation facilities and services meet the needs of the community.
  • Civil infrastructure is secured, maintained and used to optimum benefit.
  • Council’s buildings, parks and open space assets are maintained to a standard fit for their contemporary purpose.
  • Maintain and enhance a safe, efficient and effective local road network.
  • Facilitate the sharing of information and ideas through remote communications.
  • Provision of safe and efficient networks to ensure connectivity between population centres.
  • Provide communities with quality potable water supply, effective drainage and sewerage systems.
  • Increase the number of people walking and cycling, particularly for journeys within the community.
  • Promote the effective integration of waste management and recycling services.



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Inverell NSW 2360

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