Lake Inverell

Destination 2 – Healthy, Educated & Sustainable

A community that is healthy, educated and sustained. Giving priority to the shire as a sustainable and equitable place that promotes health, well-being, life long learning and lifestyle diversity.

What does it mean?

Communities will be safe, harmonious and attractive with unique character. New developments will have easy access to shops, jobs and transport. Residents will have access to recreational, cultural and social facilities. The Shire’s residents have access to health services, education, opportunities and employment. People who are in need or are experiencing personal difficulties will find the assistance they require within the Shire.

Why is it important?

Our communities are the heart and soul of the Inverell Shire. Each community exhibits pride in their own characteristics and are proud of their place within the Shire. A strong community needs diversity, healthy lifestyles, as well as educational and work opportunities. Services and facilities are available to all who live and work in the Inverell Shire – including young people, older people and people with disabilities. Through encouraging sound urban design, appropriate development and improving our localities, our communities will continue to grow and thrive.

How will we know when we are reaching our destination?

  • There are diverse services and support for people that require assistance.
  • The health outcomes of the communities are improving.
  • There are diverse learning opportunities and life long learning is embraced by the community.
  • Residents have equitable access to services, recreational, cultural and social facilities in their community.
  • Residents and visitors feel safe in harmonious communities that provide opportunities for families, young people and children.
  • Residents celebrate their communities through engagement.
  • Communities are welcoming and attractive.


  • Facilitate the provision of a broad range of services and opportunities which aid the long term sustainability of the community.
  • Plan for the provision of accommodation around transport and activity nodes.
  • Promote an ordered and safe Community.
  • Improve the integration of natural and built environments.
  • Create clean and attractive streets and public places.
  • Reduce the consumption of non renewable resources.
  • Reduce the risk to the community arising from emergency events.
  • Provide local opportunities for recreation, cultural and social activities.
  • Create a strong sense of community identity.
  • Contribute to the health of the community by promoting healthy lifestyles and practices.
  • Develop a range of educational and skills development opportunities to meet the requirements of the community.
  • Facilitate the provision of affordable housing and accommodation to meet the requirements of the Shire’s residents.
  • Facilitate activities that improve the quality of life for people who are requiring support.
  • Facilitate the provision of opportunities for residents to gain employment.
  • The social well being and health of individuals and communities within the Shire is being maintained and improved.
  • Families and children are valued and supported to enable them to contribute to the economic, cultural and social well being of the Shire.
  • Promote Inverell Shire as an integral component of the cultural fabric of the New England North West Region.



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