Lake Inverell

Destination 3 – Protected & Sustained Environment

An environment that is protected and sustained. Giving priority to sustainable agriculture, protection and conservation of lands, rivers, waterways, bio-diversity and the built environment.

What does it mean?

The integrity of the Shire’s agricultural industry is maintained and sustainable growth opportunities are pursued. The Shire’s rural landscape, rivers, creeks, bushland and the inhabiting fauna will be protected and enhanced.

Why is it important?

Agricultural activities underpin the economic well being of the Shire. Protecting and enhancing the health of the Shire’s natural environment is essential for current and future generations.

How will we know when we are reaching our destination?

  • The operational environment for farms creates the opportunity for sustainable agriculture.
  • Soil structures sustain viable agricultural activity.
  • The health of our waterways is improving.
  • There is an increase in vegetation cover that improves the land, stabilises the soil and cleanses the waterways.


  • Promote sustainable agricultural activities.
  • Council’s strategies to achieve sustainable, productive use of rural lands and preservation of the rural qualities are implemented.
  • Protect, rehabilitate and manage all impacts on the built and natural environment.
  • Conserve and rehabilitate core vegetation areas and manage major impacts on corridors and remnant bushland.
  • Manage human impacts on the Shire’s unique diversity of plants and animals.
  • Protect and manage significant natural features and landscapes.
  • Inverell Shire conducts itself as a responsible Environmental practitioner through prudent consumption of resources and recycling initiatives.



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