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Revamp For Retailers

8 March 2017

RETAILERS across the Inverell CBD have been unlocking the secrets of store layout and visual presentations with wow-factor as part of a week-long Retail Revamp visit being coordinated by Inverell Shire Council.

The woman behind the consultations is Carol Bagaric, from company AUSVM, a visual merchandise agency which travels throughout New South Wales adding X-factor and pizzazz to shopfronts and store layouts.

Inverell Shire Council mayor Paul Harmon says the week’s program is part of a broader Council initiative to support small business owners and maintain the vibrant shopping centre the town has become renowned for.

“Well over twenty local businesses will receive a visit from AUSVM this week to work through store design, shop windows, displays and signage”.

“It’s part of a year-long calendar of events to support small business, with further training scheduled before the end of June”.

Fresh off the back of a week working with small businesses in Orange and Parkes, Ms Bagaric says she’s impressed with Inverell on her first visit to the town.

“It’s a beautiful town. It’s been wonderful to work with retailers this week; honing techniques to maximising sales and helping owners take the time to reflect on their store”.

Ms Bagaric’s visit has involved a wide selection of business owners and staff, including fashion retailers, moteliers, cafes, jewellers, nurseries and spare parts suppliers.

“Each location has its own challenges; we take a look at the whole premises and work out what’s selling and what’s not selling”.

Ms Bagaric says visual merchandising is known as the silent salesperson.

“It includes everything from signage, lighting, product rotation, layout, props and fixtures to window displays and storefront”.

“We know that customers respond to a retail space that makes visual sense and is inviting and this translates to increased sales”.

A breakfast presentation on Monday was followed up with a dusk hands-on workshop on Thursday which showed retailers how to make inexpensive transformations with impact.

The success of the program has already prompted interest in a follow up visit later in the year. The program is funded by the Murray Darling Basin Regional Economic Diversification Programme, meaning no cost for retailers. Further details on the program can be found at

Revamp For Retailers

Photo: L-R: Pam Wilson, Carol Bagaric, Kerry Hall and Nakita Cook ahead of the hands-on training session at The Inverell Jewellers.

Further information: Fiona Adams – Inverell Shire Council | PO Box 138 | Inverell NSW 2360 | 02 6728 8283 |



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