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Heritage Advisor Service

Council’s Heritage Advisor Mitch McKay visits the Shire on a one-day-a month basis.

Although accessible to all Council staff Mitch reports to the Manager Development Services.

Mitch’s role is to work with Council staff and management to develop a heritage policy and heritage strategy to agree on the areas that the Council and Mitch will address; who will be involved; establish community interests and expectations for heritage outcomes; as well as resources needed to implement the strategy.

Mitch will normally spend the morning of his visits with Council staff looking at current building and development applications which include heritage items. His afternoon will normally be devoted to inspecting sites and providing free advice to owners. The inspections and advice will usually be on an appointment basis.

A very important part of Mitch’s role is to ensure that the Council and the local community have adequate access to heritage focussed education, management and promotion.

Appointments with Mitch can be made through Chris Faley from Council’s Civil and Environmental Services Section on (02) 6728 8200 or email

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