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Mandated changes to Application Lodgement

From 1 July 2021, the NSW Government has mandated that all development and building applications must be lodged and processed through the NSW Planning Portal.

This includes lodgement of:

  • Development Application;
  • Construction Certificates;
  • Complying Development Certificates;
  • Occupation Certificates;
  • Subdivision Works Certificates;
  • Subdivision Certificates; and
  • Appointment of Principles Certifiers.

As part of this NSW Government mandate, from 1 July 2021 Council will no longer be able to accept the lodgement of applications via traditional methods such as in person, via post or e-mail.

What is the NSW Planning Portal?

The NSW Planning Portal is a website developed by the NSW Government to provide public access to a range of planning services and information including mapping (NSW Spatial Viewer) and on-line lodgement of applications.

The NSW Planning Portal allows owners, developers and businesses to lodge an application with Council, at any time, from their home or office.

Where to from here?

The lodgement of applications through the NSW Planning Portal represents a significant change for both Council and residents. To assist people with adjusting to these changes, Council proposes to commence the use of the NSW Planning Portal in the stages as illustrated below. Over the coming weeks leading up to 1 July 2021, Council will be providing further announcements and information as the staged commencement of the NSW Planning Portal is undertaken.

Council has a strong commitment to assisting in the lodgement of development and building applications by taking an active role in the pre-application process, and Council’s Development Services staff will be available to assist residents with the NSW Planning Portal as it commences and can be contacted on (02) 6728 8200.


April 2021: Announcement of upcoming changes

May 2021: Commence NSW Planning Portal for DA’s, CC’s and CDC’s

June 2021: Commence NSW Planning Portal for OC’s, SC’s and SWC’s

July 2021: Commence NSW Planning Portal for Appointment of Certifiers.

Timeframe for the commencement of the NSW Planning Portal.

Timeframe for the commencement of the NSW Planning Portal.



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