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2019 Grafton to Inverell

1 May 2019


The 59th annual Grafton to Inverell Cycle Classic will be conducted on Saturday 11 May in 2019. The event will continue with the new autumn date after the success of the previous 3 years reflected an increase in the number of riders across the three divisions of racing.

The racing will commence at 7:15am from outside the Memorial Gardens on Prince Street, Grafton with the three grades departing in 15 minute intervals for the 228km journey to Inverell. Riders are expected to arrive in Inverell between 1:15pm and 5:00pm.


The 2019 Grafton to Inverell Cycle Classic will be held on the Gwydir Highway between Grafton and Inverell on Saturday 11th May.

Grafton to Glen Innes – Changed road conditions

The Gwydir Highway between Tindal Road (15km west of Grafton), and Bald Nob Road (25km east of Glen Innes), will be Closed to all Westbound Vehicles (Grafton to Glen Innes) from 7.15am to 1.30pm, and all Eastbound Vehicles (Glen Innes to Grafton) from 5.15am to 1.30pm. Local traffic will have limited access to this road between the abovementioned hours.

Glen Innes to Inverell – Changed road conditions

The Cycle Race will turn off the Gwydir Highway at Dodds Lane (20km East of Inverell), and then travel along Elsmore Road before re-joining the Gwydir Highway just prior to Inverell. The intersections of the Gwydir Highway at Dodds Lane and Elsmore Road will be under traffic control for the event and motorists may experience short delays.

Live radio coverage of the race can be heard on Sta FM (91.9FM). Reminders of the race and road closures will be aired on Radio 2NZ and Radio 2GF in the week leading up to the race.

Road access and management will be controlled by the NSW Police Service and approved Traffic Controllers. Motorists are asked to obey all road signs and directions by police and traffic controllers.

For further information, please contact the Event Manager (Chris Thompson 0408 092 592) or email for any enquiries.

2019 Grafton to Inverell Cycle Classic



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