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Town Centre Renewal Plan

In 2014, Council adopted an ambitious plan that seeks to rejuvenate the town centre of Inverell. The strategy primarily focuses on enhancing an attractive town centre that people want to visit more frequently and stay for longer periods of time – allowing businesses greater opportunity.

The Plan also sought to deal with the problems associated with existing Plane Trees that had been inappropriately planted in concrete pipes. This will involve suitable replacement plantings on the street edges and signature specimen plantings in an at-grade centre median. The Pin Oak trees in the centre median are horticulturally engineered to provide a desirous canopy cover that is elevated so as not to impact vehicular traffic. It is also important to note the centre median is at the same level as the road and can be driven on.

TCRP - Artists Impression - Otho Street

Town Centre Renewal Plan – Artist’s Impression – Otho Street



Council will start the Otho Street renewal during the week commencing Sunday, 11 February 2018. The anticipated construction period is 15 weeks and various traffic management arrangements will be in place during this time. Whilst there will be disruptions to current parking arrangements normal footpath access to business houses will continue.

Ongoing updates will be provided throughout the 15-week project implementation and are available below.

For more information, contact Council’s Civil and Environmental Services Division on (02) 67288 200.

 Newsletter Update 1 – February 2018 [540Kb]
 Fact Sheet 1 – Alternative Parking Map [1Mb]
 Fact Sheet 2 – Artist’s Impression of Otho Street Renewal [1Mb]
 Otho Street road works notice


The Plan

The Destination Report – Town Centre Renewal Plan provides a full outline of the strategy adopted at the Ordinary Meeting held 25 June 2014. The complete Town Centre Renewal Plan is available below.

 Report Cover – January 2014 [354Kb]
 Inverell Town Centre Renewal Plan – v5 [2Mb]
 Appendix A – Minutes of Meeting with Town Centre Renewal Plan Sunset Committee [82Kb]
 Appendix B – Technical Advice [2Mb]
 Appendix C – Analysis of Shared Space Post Construction Performance – Port Macquarie NSW [7Mb]
 Appendix D – Street Tree Species Sheet (from Flemings Tree Guide) [610Kb]
 Appendix E – Street Furniture Suite [491Kb]
 Appendix F – Exhibit 1 – Urban Analysis [8Mb]
 Appendix F – Exhibit 2 – Key Recommendations [8Mb]
 Appendix F – Exhibit 3 – Typical Main Street Treatment [890Kb]
 Appendix F – Exhibit 4 – Median Treatment [707Kb]
 Appendix F – Exhibit 5 – Cultural Precinct [5Mb]


TCRP Sunset Committee

Council created a TCRP Sunset Committee that included community and Chamber of Commerce representatives to assist Council in the formulation of the TCRP.


Supporting Information

 Plane Tree Management
 Tree Report – April 2012 [3Mb]
 Plane Tree Damage Photographs – March 2016 [4Mb]
 Plane Tree Damage Photographs [12Mb]




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