Growth Surge Continues for Shire

11 July 2017

WITH growth levels the envy of regional Australia at 2.5 per cent, the latest Census data shows that the Inverell region is in the hot seat for strong economic growth.

The acting mayor of Inverell Shire, Councillor Anthony Michael, says this is further proof that our region is the place to be.

“Those of us that live here already know what a wonderful place Inverell is, whether you are looking to start a business, you’re on the land or raising a family and the 2016 Census data confirms that,” he said.

The Census reveals strong population growth for Inverell over the last ten years, with Gilgai also experiencing an influx of new residents. The Shire’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population has also increased over the past five years, from 6.5 per cent to 8.5 per cent.

“The figures show Inverell Shire’s population growth is actually accelerating. Five years ago, our growth rate was 1.6 per cent whereas it’s now 2.5 per cent”.

"With our population growing and the right ingredients, such as the arrival of investment from the wind farms, the $30m redevelopment to start at the hospital and a newly secured air service, Inverell is in a great position to attract new residents. As a Council, we need to make sure that when people get here they stay.

“By investing in areas such as the expansion of the Inverell Sewerage Treatment Plant and an unprecedented road works schedule, we are ensuring that we are in the box seat to make this happen”.

Councillor Michael added that initiatives, such as the Inverell Community Strategic Plan and Delivery Plan 2017-2021 demonstrates Council’s commitment to developing the Inverell Local Government Area as a place that is thriving, innovative and inclusive.

“This data will further help us analyse the changing face of Inverell and allow Councillors to make decisions that benefit our community and enhance our shire’s liveability,” he said.

"Another indicator of our wonderful sense of community diversity is that more than 15 per cent of the Shire’s population was born overseas”.

The number one origin of residents born overseas is England (1.3%), closely followed by the Philippines (1.1%).

The Australian Bureau of Statistics will officially unveil the complete set of Census results, including Inverell Shire statistics, in October this year.

Further information, including the QuickStats summary of Australian Bureau of Statistics figures can be found at or via the Council Facebook page.

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