Inverell Shire Council is committed to helping residents increase recycling rates and ensuring problem waste does not contaminate the environment. Council provides fortnightly kerbside recycling collection to more than 85 per cent of households in the Shire, recycling bins are located in all public parks and recycling crates are provided at rural landfills and Waste Transfer Stations.

All recycling is processed at the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) in Burtenshaw Road, Inverell and Northaven employees are responsible for the sorting and resale of recovered materials.

Council’s Recycling Ready Reckoner provides a quick reference tool for recycling in Inverell Shire.

Recycling Notice - No Plastic Bags In Recycling Bins

Inverell Shire Council wishes to advise that Northaven is no longer accepting plastic bags as a recyclable material.

Residents are requested to dispose of plastic bags in the red lid waste bins rather than the yellow lid recycling bin, or use the facilities supplied by the Coles & Woolworths supermarkets.

It should also be noted that plastic garden hoses and Christmas lights are not suitable for recycling and should be disposed of in the red lid waste bin.

Further details may be obtained from Council’s Civil & Environmental Services on 02 6728 8200.


Drum Muster

Inverell Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) on Burtenshaw Road operates a Drum Muster service for property owners who use chemicals. The service is available Monday – Friday during normal business hours. Drum Muster compounds are also available at Delungra and Ashford Landfills.

Community Recycling Centre

Inverell Community Recycling Centre was opened in May 2016. Located at Inverell Landfill, the CRC provides an easy drop off point for all household waste including an undercover disposal point for hazardous waste. Items that can be disposed for free at the CRC include gas bottles, all types of chemical, poisons, paint, oil, batteries and smoke detectors. Household batteries can also be dropped in to the collection point at Inverell Shire Library. Visit our Community Recycling Centre webpage for more information.

Icon Form Orange Community Recycling Centre Flyer

Garage Sale Trail

Inverell Shire Council supports the annual national Garage Sale Trail, which encourages the re-use of resources. Theevent is usually held in October. Have a garage sale to de-clutter, make some money and help grow our sustainability. Anyone can register, households, schools, community groups, sports clubs and even whole streets get involved. Its FREE to register and you keep all the money you make. Visit for more details.

GarageSaleTrail August2016

Recycling at Home

  • Check the products you buy are the best choice for the environment (for example, does it save energy, conserve water, does it have recyclable content).
  • Reject unnecessary packaging;
  • Re-use packaging;
  • Sort your rubbish;
  • Use you local recycling depot or kerbside service;
  • Compost kitchen and garden wastes;
  • Choose recycled goods whenever possible;
  • Update to a 360 litre Recycling Bin.

Recycling at School

  • Educate children to be responsible consumers and recyclers;
  • Promote litter control;
  • Educate parents and teachers;
  • Support or initiate school recycling schemes including composting and worm farm programs.

Recycling at Work

  • Promote efficient use of resources such as energy and office paper;
  • Call Northaven to discuss commercial recycling solutions on 02 6722 2280;
  • Publicise recycling initiatives through your staff newspaper, website or noticeboard.

More Information

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